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Cardano's ADA cryptocurrency is one of the world's Top 10 currencies with a market capitalization of over $4 billion USD. 
Cardano uses FP complete to communicate how serious they are about producing a cryptocurrency that can be trusted by their community.


Engineer to engineer blockchain mentoring
that saves time, slashes risks, and pays for itself

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Blockchain Success Program Sample Components

Program is customized to fit your company's pressing needs

Software Architecture and Coding Practices

Software Architecture and Coding Practices

There's a big difference between having a good mathematical design for a blockchain, and having a strong and maintainable design for the code that runs it. Your team works hard every day to make the code right. We can assist them with proven techniques for writing reliable software that's more maintainable and resistant to the sorts of errors that tend to break cloud and blockchain software.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Most blockchain teams spend too much of their time wrestling with productivity tools, taking attention away from the features users demand. Continuous Integration software is the nexus of your project, providing a gatekeeper on new code additions and an automated way to generate new production binaries. Our team will help get you set up with best-in-class CI tooling like Gitlab CI or Jenkins, configure it to build your code, and provide binary artifacts for your operations team. A powerful CI system can also be used for Continuous Deployment (CD): automatically pushing new versions of code to production.

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DevOps and Cloud Systems

FP Complete has helped dozens of companies to implement their cloud-based software solutions, and we've learned the tools and techniques that make a distributed system more robust and scalable — as well as countless pitfalls and gotchas to look out for. Gathering all these lessons together, our engineers will help yours with advice on how to to take best, and safest, advantage of modern cloud features and open-source DevOps tools.

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Everyone knows that security is the absolute core of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. But a house is only as strong as its foundation, and blockchain systems are built out of many foundation layers — each of which can have its own security vulnerabilities. As hardcore IT engineers, FP Complete will save your team time and heartache with customized advice on designs, tooling, security management techniques, and more.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

Your software and your cloud DevOps appear to do the right thing. At least, the code looks ok, and it runs well in mainstream test cases. But who's got your back? Are you sure everything will be ok in extreme corner cases, under stress load, and in the face of curious and even hostile, technically savvy users? Don't be the next security story in the newspaper. Let FP Complete engineers share with your team a whole range of quality assurances practices that help you to find and eliminate bugs and weaknesses before the public would ever encounter them.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management

You spend too much of your life on work to have that energy wasted. But most blockchain projects have been built under time and budget pressure, and with ever-changing requirements. Over time this can introduce complexity and even downright chaos into the working environment. As outside helpers, FP Complete can assist your lead engineers in organizing productive systems for requirements management, change control, decision making, schedule control, status tracking, subcontractor management, and more. 

How the Blockchain Success Program Works


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30 hrs /month

CollaborativeMentoring at $2995/month

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40 hrs /month

Hands OnMentoring at $3995/month

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FP Complete offers Blockchain Technology Audits

Cardano's ADA cryptocurrency is one of the world's Top 10 currencies with a market capitalization of over $4 billion USD. Cardano uses FP complete to communicate how serious they are about producing a cryptocurrency that can be trusted by their community.

Audit Benefits:

  • Trust for your community
  • Maximizes market capitalization
  • Pays for itself immediately

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