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Welcome to our updated website! FP Complete is evolving into a full-fledged commercial developer of Haskell tools and services, as called for in our original plans. The previous site showcased the School of Haskell. We have been delighted to see it used by thousands of Haskell learners and teachers, including some authors who’ve taken advantage of its unique Active Code features to help people learn. Now that we are about to release the FP Haskell Center beta, the School remains an integral part of our offering as a place to teach and learn, but we are even more excited by the new full-powered commercial features.

This site is an interim redesign, and will be completed when we release FP Haskell Center, the world’s first commercial Haskell IDE and deployment platform, in early September. The site, and our strategy, are based on 3 pillars:

  1. We must produce products and services needed by developers who are already using Haskell tools in their work. This is our base.
  2. At the same time, we need to promote Haskell to the vastly larger non-Haskeller market which on the whole is unaware of Haskell’s existence. This is a long-term effort that’s absolutely necessary if Haskell is going to have meaningful adoption in the mainstream market. That’s why you see us putting a lot of effort into high-level discussions and information about what Haskell is, its feature advantages and strategic benefits. The target audience is business management, engineering management and developers who need to be converted into Haskell supporters and users.
  3. In all our efforts, we are always working with the Haskell community. FP Complete was started in 2012 with the help of some of the leaders of the community and is committed to continue working with the entire community to advance the technology and expand Haskell adoption in the commercial market. This follows a well-proven model of success for companies commercializing open-source technologies starting with Red Hat.

In the coming months, we will be continually adding more content to fulfill our goal to be a major resource for all things Haskell. Things like more whitepapers, case studies, video testimonials, tutorials and sample codes. If you have any suggestions or things to contribute, be sure to let us know. As always, we welcome constructive comments from the community.

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