Hiring: Project Manager, Telecommute.

Posted by Michael Snoyman - 13 April, 2017

Hiring: Project Manager, Telecommute

This position has already been filled.

FP Complete is an advanced software company specializing in sophisticated server applications performing complex computations. We are now hiring a project manager for an advanced engineering project in the cryptocurrency industry.

This is a fully remote/telecommute position, working with a globally distributed team, with the majority of engineers located around the European timezone. As the main coordinator of the engineering projects, you will work directly for our customer, coordinating engineering activities including their team, our team, and other vendors.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your CV or resume to jobs@fpcomplete.com.


As project manager, you will be responsible for refining and implementing the development processes on an active project. Your typical tasks will include:

  • Defining development milestones
  • Gathering work estimates from engineers
  • Setting realistic deadlines for milestones
  • Tracking progress towards milestone completion
  • Communicating project status to management
  • Identifying and raising any red flags that may impact delivery
  • Identify components within the project requiring additional resources
  • Help identify gaps between business requirements, software specifications, and implementation

You will be working directly with and receiving instruction from the customer’s Director of Engineer, as well as their executive team.

While many tools and processes are in place currently, we are looking for a capable project manager to:

  • holistically review the current state of affairs
  • gather information on the state of engineering from engineers and engineering managers
  • coordinate with company management on improving milestone management, estimations, and planning

This is an opportunity to take a productive and energetic team and help greatly improve productivity. You will have significant influence on how the overall project is managed, and will be able to advise at a crucial juncture on tooling and process decisions.


  • 5+ years experience managing software projects
  • Experience with common project management and issue tracking tooling (e.g. JIRA, YouTrack)
  • Familiarity with common software development practices, including: source control management, Continuous Integration
  • Strong written and spoken English communication
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Ability to regularly communicate with team members from time zones spanning California to Tokyo

Nice to have

  • While we will consider candidates from all geographic locations, a Europe-centric time zone will provide the best ability to communicate with the engineers, and will be considered a plus
  • Understanding of cryptography or crypto-currencies
  • Experience working on academic or research projects
  • Experience working with a geographically distributed team
  • Functional programming familiarity

Why this position?

This position offers a unique opportunity to work in a cutting-edge problem domain (Cryptocurrency), with an accomplished team of advanced software engineers and researchers. You will be in a prime position to guide the team towards modern best practices in project management.

This project consists of a diverse collection of engineering work, from user interface creation to advanced cryptography. In addition, the focus on correctness in software and the strong research-based design of the work is a relatively unique blend in today's software world.

In addition to your direct work on managing this project, you will have an opportunity to work with FP Complete's world-class engineering team, with our extensive experience in multiple domains.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your CV or resume to jobs@fpcomplete.com.

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