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Owned Values and Futures in Rust Programming

Let’s write a simple tokio-powered program that will download the contents of an HTTP response body using reqwest and print it to stdout. We’ll take the URL to download on the command line using clap. This might look something like the following: use anyhow::Result; use clap::Parser; #[derive(Parser)] struct Opt { url: String, } #[tokio::main] async fn main() -> Result<()> […]

Announcing: pid1 Crate for Easier Rust Docker Images


Introduction The FP Complete team is pleased to announce the release of the pid1 crate, a Rust library for proper signal and zombie reaping of the PID 1 process. When deploying an application in a containerized environment, you typically need to deploy a small init system to forward signals to your application and reap zombies. […]

Type Safety Doesn’t Matter

I’m a huge believer in using strongly typed languages and leveraging type level protections in my codebases. But I’d like to clarify my new, somewhat modified stance on this: Type safety does not matter. What I mean is that, on its own, type safety is not important. It’s only useful because of what it accomplishes: […]

FP Complete Corporation Announces Partnership with Portworx by Pure Storage

FP Complete Corporation Announces Partnership with Portworx by Pure Storage to Streamline World-Class DevOps Consulting Services with State-of-the-Art, End-To-End Storage and Data Management Solution for Kubernetes Projects. Charlotte, North Carolina (August 31, 2022) – FP Complete Corporation, a global technology partner that specializes in DevSecOps, Cloud Native Computing, and Advanced Server-Side Programming Languages today announced […]

The Hidden Dangers of Haskell’s Ratio Type

Here’s a new Haskell WAT?! Haskell has a type Rational for working with precisely-valued fractional numbers, and it models the mathematical concept of a rational number. Although it’s relatively slow compared with Double, it doesn’t suffer from the rounding that’s intrinsic to floating-point arithmetic. It’s very useful when writing tests because an exact result can be predicted ahead of time. […]

Hiring Haskell Developers


FP Complete is actively seeking multiple engineers to work with our globally distributed team of software engineers. This blog post is to announce a new job opening for a developer role focused on Haskell development. At all times you can find an up-to-date listing of job openings on our jobs page. Below is the job information […]

Canary Deployment with Kubernetes and Istio

Istio is a service mesh that transparently adds various capabilities like observability, traffic management and security to your distributed collection of microservices. It comes with various functionalities like circuit breaking, granular traffic routing, mTLS management, authentication and authorization polices, ability to do chaos testing etc. In this post, we will explore on how to do […]

Confused about Cloud-Native? Want to speed up your dev team’s productivity?

You hear “go Cloud-Native,” but if you’re like many, you wonder, “what does that mean, and how can applying a Cloud-Native strategy help my company’s Dev Team be more productive?” At a high level, Cloud-Native architecture means adapting to the many new possibilities—but a very different set of architectural constraints—offered by the cloud compared to […]

Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and Your Company

With the cost of goods only going up and the increased scarcity of quality workers and resources, saving money and time in your day-to-day business operations is paramount. Therefore, adopting blockchain technology into your traditional day-to-day business operations is key to giving you back valuable time, saving you money, creating less dependency on workers, and […]

Levana NFT Launch

FP Complete Corporation, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a global technology company building next-generation software to solve complex problems.  We specialize in Server-Side Software Engineering, DevSecOps, Cloud-Native Computing, Distributed Ledger, and Advanced Programming Languages. We have been a full-stack technology partner in business for 10+ years, delivering reliable, repeatable, and highly secure software.  Our team of […]