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Does this mean if you weren’t born in the cloud, you’ll never be as good as those who are?

When thinking about building from scratch or modernizing an existing technology environment, we tend to see one of a few different things happening:

While all of these strategies can work, we often find one of the following happens:

There is a better way of approaching modernizing a business-focused, legacy world.  Our core approach at FP complete is:

While this approach is straightforward, staying focused on outcomes is the key:


Check out our Quick Guide to DevOps


How do you get help without breaking the bank, compromising your values, or getting locked in?

At FP Complete, we believe the way to get started is to:

FP Complete has a unique track record in these activities.  We are not built on recurring revenue from long term consulting.   We are built on helping our customers build better software, run better technology operations, and achieve better business outcomes.  We come from diverse backgrounds and have serviced a myriad of industries.  We often find that others have already solved many of our client’s problems, and our expertise lies in matching existing solutions to places where they are needed most.

So, what is the best way to get started:

  1. Please send us a mail or call us up.
  2. We will walk through your aspirations and provide a high-level road map for achieving your goals at no cost.
  3. If you like what you see, invite us in for a POC based on a 100% ROI.
  4. Scale from there.

If you are unsure about the claims in this post, shoot me an email…you won’t get a bot response… you’ll get me.

*Note: the exceptions to these rules are usually around ultra-low latency requirements.

A Quick Guide to DevOps

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