DevSecOps - Putting the Sec in DevOps.


Posted by Robert Bobbett - 18 July, 2018

DevSecOps - Putting the Sec in DevOps

We did something very different this month for our monthly webinar. We invited Ford Winslow, CEO of ICE Cybersecurity, and the new security platform, Aeonian, to present the topic of DevSecOps, or as Ford puts it "Putting the Sec in DevOps". Ice Cybersecurity is a strategic business partner of FP Complete and our companies are firm believers that security begins with the first line of written code.

Application Data Breaches: Putting the Sec In DevOps

Burglars rob banks — hackers steal data. Data is money. Application security during the development lifecycle is critical — and knowing how to integrate security into your DevOps is DevSecOps. DevSecOps helps improve a software development life cycle by securing the building blocks of the delivery pipeline without slowing down the life cycle process. It fills the gaps by implementing security through all stages of development and helps find solutions that satisfy your company’s cybersecurity needs.

Learn how hackers use applications as a gateway for introducing ransomware or malware into your company’s data, and the risk-based approach that introduces network security into your everyday business practices. 

  1. Start with around-the-clock protection. The webinar shows what it means to think differently about approaching application development and application security. Learn how hackers use applications as a gateway for introducing ransomware or malware into your company’s data, and the risk-based approach that introduces network security into your everyday business practices.
  2. Defend against known and unknown threats. Unknown malware can pose great risk to an organization’s data. By the time most security software finds an anonymous attacker, critical assets have usually been compromised. Cybersecurity threats are real — knowing that your team has undergone cybersecurity awareness training during the application development process will ensure that your business is protected from any unknown cyber attack.
  3. Have complete network visibility from cloud to endpoint.  Modern cyber attacks go through multiple layers in order to achieve their objectives, which makes data networks more valuable than ever. To ward off malicious attacks, organizations must have complete visibility across all network users, devices, and data.
Don’t leave your application development environments vulnerable — it is possible to secure environments by educating users and organizations on implementing DevSecOps into application development life cycles.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Security within apps and app development
  • Vulnerabilities in full stack applications
  • Cyber-risk optimization
  • Implementing security life cycle activities
  • Tool chain security for DevOps and your environments
  • Users and organization DevSecOps education 

Watch the Webinar

Ensure your data is protected

When IoT devices can be compromised in under 2 minutes, understaffed enterprises suffer the most. Aeonian Endpoint Security provides comprehensive cybersecurity services across your entire technology stack and provides a single dashboard to monitor your terrain. It’s an ideal, easy-to-deploy solution for understaffed companies struggling to hire cybersecurity experts.

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