FP Complete is actively seeking multiple engineers to work with our globally distributed team of software engineers. This blog post is to announce a new job opening for a developer role focused on Haskell development. At all times you can find an up-to-date listing of job openings on our jobs page. Below is the job information on the new Haskell position.

Senior Haskell Engineer

FP Complete is an engineering consulting firm specializing in reliable, automated server-side systems. Our customers span the globe and cover such diverse industries as FinTech, life sciences, academia, and blockchain. Our software, systems, and DevOps engineers are a remote-first team who love to solve complicated problems well, delivering elegant and robust solutions to complex problems.

We're seeking to expand our team of Haskell developers with at least one additional team member. The focus of this role is to augment our existing team working on customer-facing projects. Our goal is to improve stability and performance of the codebases while adding additional features and integration points.

If you're looking to work on interesting projects with a team of experienced Haskell engineers, keep reading for more details, and be sure to send us your CV at jobs@fpcomplete.com.

Location: Fully remote
Type of engagement: Preference for full time, though part time positions may be available for the right candidate.


We are looking for software developers with professional development experience. Developers with significant Haskell knowledge but no prior Haskell professional work experience are welcome to apply. We strive to create an environment where theoretical Haskell skills can be applied to real world codebases.

Additionally, the following skills are huge plus:

Why FP Complete

FP Complete is an engineer-driven organization. We strive to foster an environment where engineers can create excellent solutions that they’re proud of. You will have an opportunity to work with, learn from, and mentor other engineers across the globe with a variety of different skill sets, including DevOps engineers, web developers, high performance computing experts, and compiler authors. We try to give every team member opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. This includes cross training on projects, as well as regular internal collaboration and training meetings on general engineering topics, Haskell, Rust, and DevOps.

For our entire ten-year history, FP Complete has been a remote-first company, with no central office. We offer flexible work hours and location. You don’t need to worry about missing the in-office discussions, as the entire team communicates exclusively remotely.

We service a wide range of industries with customers of various sizes and differing tech stacks. While the work can be challenging, it offers great opportunities to get a broad view of the industry in general.

We are also strong proponents of open-source software. As a company, and as individuals on our team, we maintain a large swath of open-source projects, including many critical pieces of Haskell infrastructure, plus Rust and DevOps projects as well. Our approach to DevOps always follows a strong OSS bias.

Learn more about what we do at https://www.fpcomplete.com/.

How to apply

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and CV/resume to jobs@fpcomplete.com.

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