I'm happy to announce that over the next few months, FP Complete will be offering intermediate training courses on both Haskell and Rust. This is a follow up to our previous beginner courses on both languages as well. I'm excited to get to teach both of these courses.

More details below, but cutting to the chase: if you'd like to sign up, or just get more information on these courses, please email training@fpcomplete.com.

Overall structure

Each course consists of:


We'll be holding these courses on the following dates

Cost and signup

Each course costs $150 per participant. Please register and arrange payment (via PayPal or Venmo) by contacting training@fpcomplete.com.

Topics covered

Before the course begins, and throughout the course, I'll ask participants for feedback on additional topics to cover, and tune the course appropriately. Below is the basis of the course which we'll focus on:

Want to learn more?

Not sure if this is right for you? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter for more information, or contact training@fpcomplete.com.

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