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Combining Axum, Hyper, Tonic, and Tower for hybrid web/gRPC apps: Part 3

This is the third of four posts in a series on combining web and gRPC services into a single service using Tower, Hyper, Axum, and Tonic. The full four parts

September 13, 2021

The Stack build tool guide contains a section on Travis configuration with a sample configuration based on Stack. After iterating through a

Status of School of Haskell 2.0 Earlier this year, I wrote a blogpost about our plans for the next version of the

Using Stack for build of Haskell code on Travis CI has number of benefits. For those unfamiliar with it, Travis is a

The most common pattern for using Docker to build and deploy software in an image uses a single Dockerfile to build the

You can use Stack and the Stackage snapshots with GHC 7.10.3 right now! By default (since v0.1.4), Stack insists that the minor

Kubernetes for Haskell Services

Kubernetes (AKA “k8s”) From kubernetes.io: Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a

Since we created the stack repo at the end of April, a tremendous amount of work has been done very rapidly. Now

Recently Alan Zimmerman announced on the haskell-cafe mailing list that there was a new haskell-ide project, with a new Github repository, a

Stackage Badges

This is a guest blog from Konstantin Zudov, who has been making a number of wonderful enhancements to the Stackage Server website.

COMPANY FP Complete is a software engineering firm that helps sophisticated companies develop cutting-edge analytics & modeling software for biology, finance, Internet

Back in April, I announced plans for the future of School of Haskell and FP Haskell Center. We’re now half a year

stack and the PVP

We recently had a very large discussion of stack on Reddit, which I thought was great for kicking off some discussion. In

This blog post describes a new feature in stack. Until now, multiple projects using the same snapshot could share the binary builds

The stack build tool is a cross-platform program for developing Haskell projects. It is aimed at Haskellers both new and experienced. I

I’ve spent some time over the past few weeks working on problems stack users have run into on Windows, and I’d like

File server demo in a single Haskell file Sneak peek: Run docker run --rm -p 8080:8080 snoyberg/file-server-demo and open http://localhost:8080. We’ve all

TL;DR: if you just want to get started use stack‘s Docker support, see the Docker page on the stack wiki. The rest

As readers of this blog or the mailing lists are likely already aware: package security is important to both FP Complete and