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Type Safety Doesn’t Matter

I'm a huge believer in using strongly typed languages and leveraging type level protections in my codebases. But I'd like to clarify my new, somewhat modified stance on this: Type

August 29, 2023

It used to be that being technically mature was thought to be a good thing; now, that view is not so cut

Is it Enterprise DevOps or DevOps in the enterprise?  I guess it all depends on where you sit.  DevOps has been a

There’s a running joke in the functional programming community. Any Scala program can be written by combining the traverse function the correct

Cloud for Non-Natives

Does this mean if you weren’t born in the cloud, you’ll never be as good as those who are? When thinking about

I recently joined Matt Moore on LambdaShow. We spent some time discussing Rust, and one point I made was that, in my

Rust is a relatively new and promising language that offers improvements in software in terms of safety and speed. We’ll cover if

Based on actual events. Let’s say you’ve got a blog. The blog has a bunch of posts. Each post has a title

A beginner’s guide to writing your DevOps tools in Rust. Introduction In this blog post we’ll cover some basic DevOps use cases

This blog post is a direct follow up on my previous blog post on different levels of async in Rust. You may

The term DevOps has been around for many years. Small and big companies adopt DevOps concepts for different purposes, e.g. to increase

First there was cooperative multiprocessing. Then there were processes. An operating system could run multiple processes, each performing a series of sequential,

In this post, I describe my personal journey as a developer skeptical of the seemingly ever-growing, ever more complex, array of “ops”

FP Complete has been working with containerization (or OS-level virtualization) since before it was popularized by Docker. What follows is a brief

Inc. magazine announced that FP Complete Corporation ranked 1,547 on its list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America. “I’m extremely proud

In this post we show a couple of options when it comes to a cloud deployment model. Depending on the needs of your

Understanding cloud auth

The topics of authentication and authorization usually appear simple but turn out to hide significant complexity. That’s because, at its core, auth

DevOps Roles and Responsibilities If structural engineers built bridges the way software engineers wrote software, then the news would be filled with

What is cloud computing? In its simplest terms, cloud computing means your computing requirements are running on someone else’s hardware. The word