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The Hidden Dangers of Haskell’s Ratio Type

Here's a new Haskell WAT?! Haskell has a type Rational for working with precisely-valued fractional numbers, and it models the mathematical concept of a rational number. Although it's relatively slow compared with Double, it doesn't

April 27, 2022

Haskell Support in Mainstream IDEs I’ve tested out the Haskell support of the top mainstream IDEs. Here’s a rundown of the current

Packer is a useful tool for creating pre-built machine images. While it’s usually associated with creating Linux images for a variety of

How to be Successful at Blockchain Development The following webinar discusses various strategies for Blockchain Development success and the many uses for

This is a story about how some bad API design on my part caused some ugly race conditions that were very tricky

Announcing the first release in the stack-2.1 series! The Stack 2 release represents a series of significant changes to how Stack works

Why Audit? FP Complete now does blockchain audit services. Why have we chosen to work in this field, and what are we

Introduction At FP Complete we develop many tools for our clients to help them achieve their goals. Most of these tools are

What is GovCloud?

“GovCloud” relevant to your work?  This is not a Devops post to miss! “GovCloud” is a relatively new, and still rather ambiguous,

We are happy to announce that we have been sponsoring free webinars for over a year now. The feedback we have been

We’re ramping up for the Stack 2 release, which contains a number of changes. (If you want more information, check out the

Up to now, Stack has been using a number of CI solutions: Travis CI for unit tests on Linux and macOS AppVeyor

The global economy is changing to promote sharing, and free software is an important part of that. How do we run a

Abstract At FP Complete, we strive to build systems that endure the direst of situations. An unexpected shutdown (like a kernel panic,

We are happy to announce that we have been sponsoring free webinars for over a year now. The feedback we have been

I have been working on property testing for years now. My current conclusion is that property testing still has so much uncovered

Originally devised to serve as the nerve-center of bitcoin, blockchain programming has come a long way. The brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto (the

Not all SQLs are created equal. I’ll say even more, none of the SQL dialects are even close to being equal. In

We are excited that we have been able to keep up with the pace of our monthly webinar series. More importantly, we