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Hiring Haskell Developers

FP Complete is actively seeking multiple engineers to work with our globally distributed team of software engineers. This blog post is to announce a new job opening for a developer

April 4, 2022

Let’s talk about exceptions. Programs do a thing successfully all the time, except sometimes when things didn’t work out. So we have

We’re big fans of safety-focused languages at FP Complete. As our previous blog post comparing Rust and Haskell made clear, we think

Our webinars are continuing to be as popular as ever and Tom Sydney Kerckhove’s (Tech Lead at FP Complete) webinar on “Building

Haskell and Rust

FP Complete is known for our best-in-class DevOps automation tooling in addition to Haskell. We use industry standards like Kubernetes and Docker.

In the past few months, and in particular in the past two weeks, I’ve gotten a number of people asking me the

Our monthly webinar series is really starting to take off and judging by the registration numbers we might be forced into allowing

The results are in!! The powerful Haskell community includes researchers who advance the language, and users who apply the language to solve

Alternative title: “ResourceT considered harmful” Summary: ResourceT is a great tool, used to solve real problems when dealing with constrained resources and

Yesod is one of the most popular web frameworks in the Haskell land. This post will explore creating a sample Postgres based

Deploying software can certainly have its challenges, but Deni Burtovic walks you through everything you need to know when it comes to

One fantastic aspect of Haskell is that it offers various tools that allow different development workflows. In this blog post, we are

Since December, FP Complete has been working with Cardano Foundation on an audit of the Cardano settlement layer. The audit work is

This is part three of a series of blog posts on Pantry, a new storage and download system for Haskell packages. You

Since I seem to be a one-trick pony, I decided to write yet again to compare streaming data in Haskell and Rust.

This blog post is a cross post from a guide I wrote on the Commercial Haskell Github account. That URL is the

This is part two of a series of blog posts on Pantry, a new storage and download system for Haskell packages. You

Back in January, I published a two part blog post on hash-based package downloads. Some project needs at FP Complete have pushed

We did something very different this month for our monthly webinar. We invited Ford Winslow, CEO of ICE Cybersecurity, and the new