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Confused about Cloud-Native? Want to speed up your dev team’s productivity?

You hear "go Cloud-Native," but if you're like many, you wonder, "what does that mean, and how can applying a Cloud-Native strategy help my company's Dev Team be more productive?"

January 17, 2022

At FP Complete we have experience writing Medical Device software that has to go through rigorous compliance steps and eventually be approved

Just by reading the blogpost title you are likely to guess the problem at hand, but to be fair I will recap

What are Docker Containers? Docker containers are a form of “lightweight” virtualization They allow a process or process group to run in

In our previous post, we define a common problem around reproducible build plans. The solution we desired was some form of cryptographic

Cardano enlists FP Complete for independent 3rd Party Audit of Cardano Blockchain FP Complete Development specialists will provide comprehensive review of Cardano’s

This is part 1 of a 2 part series. This post will define the problem we’re trying to solve, and part 2

How to Know if Hiring a DevOps Consultant is Right for Your Business DevOps is a set of tools and methods to

Data analytics systems are the cutting edge of modern corporate computing. While many people may feel they are behind the “state of

If you ask ten engineers how they measure the success of their DevOps strategy you are likely to get ten different answers.

I was recently doing a minor cleanup of a Haskell codebase. I started off with some code that looked like this: runConduitRes

There are many ways to make programs that use settings to customise their behavior. In this post, we provide an overview of

In this blog post we will show an example of how we can use Docker to build Haskell applications which we then

What is software release management? At its most general, “releasing software” is the process by which software is delivered from the engineers

See https://haskellstack.org for installation and upgrade instructions. Note: we are releasing a bit earlier than planned due to #3624. As such, not

When I ran Microsoft’s engineering tools group in the late 1990’s, remote engineering was uncommon and challenging. We had spent millions to

NAT Gateways in Amazon GovCloud So you’re deploying your government-sensitive data and services on GovCloud, or planning to and you want your data

LAMBDA WORLD Conference Functional programmers are a unique breed of software development professionals. They have decided that the traditional methods to solving

DevOps Challenges I managed an eight-person team that supported data integration tools for a Fortune 100 tech company. One of the tools