The Pathway to Information Security Management and Certification

Information security is a complex area to handle well.  The possible risks to information assets and reputation, including computer systems and countless filing cabinets full of valuable proprietary information, are difficult to determine and bring under control.  Plus, this needs to be done in ways that don't unduly interfere with the legitimate use of information by authorized users.

The most practical and cost-effective way to handle information security and governance obligations, and to be seen to be doing so, is to adopt an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that complies with the international standard such as SOC-2 or ISO 27001.  An ISMS is a framework of policies, processes and controls used to manage information security in a structured, systematic manner.

Why implement an ISMS and pursue an Information Security Certification?

At a high level, the ISMS will help minimize the costs of security incidents and enhance your brand.  In more detail, the ISMS will be used to:

Information Security Focus Areas

What are the Outcomes

Information Security Certification Preparation Project

Information Security Certification Preparation Project

Key Project Activities

FP Complete has extensive experience in the preparation of SOC-2 and ISO 270001 certifications, as well as many other security certifications.  Contact us if we can help your organization.

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