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Back in April, I announced plans for the future of School of Haskell and FP Haskell Center. We’re now half a year later, and it’s time to start moving ahead with those plans. The summary is:

Migrating projects from FP Haskell Center

In order to migrate your projects, please:

  1. Open your project on fpcomplete.com
  2. Select the Git menu from the top bar
  3. To get a tarball with all of your sources, choose “Source dist”
  4. To retain your full project history, push to an external Git repository (such as on Github or Bitbucket)

As readers of this blog are likely familiar already, FP Complete and the Commercial Haskell group have been putting a lot of effort into the Stack build tool for easily and reliably building Haskell code. We recommend migrating your project to Stack.

School of Haskell

We have three milestones along the path to our new, open sourced School of Haskell:

  1. Release ide-backend – the core engine powering School of Haskell – as open source. We completed this process in March, and ide-backend has continued as a successful open source project since then.
  2. Create a School of Haskell API service, allowing arbitrary websites to “activate” Haskell code on their sites to create interactive snippets for their users. The open source schoolofhaskell repository is mostly feature-complete, and we are currently making refinements before launching the service.
  3. Extract the School of Haskell HTML display and edit code to its own project and host on schoolofhaskell.com. At that point, users will be able to view and edit their content on schoolofhaskell.com instead.

Once all three steps are complete, we will begin redirecting users from fpcomplete.com to schoolofhaskell.com.


We expect the School of Haskell changes to be completed by the end of October. We will be sharing more information about this process as it unfolds, and once the new deployment is available, will welcome contributions to improve the School of Haskell. We also look forward to seeing how others are able to take advantage of the new service API to extend their own websites.

For FP Haskell Center: we will be shutting down the service completely at the end of 2015. We will soon deploy changes to provide a warning when accessing FP Haskell Center about the impending shutdown. Once the service is shut down, your data will be inaccessible. Please ensure that you have backed up any data and code you wish to retain.

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