On February 2, 2020, one of FP Complete's Lead Software Engineers—Mike McGirr—presented a webinar on using Rust for creating DevOps tooling.

Webinar Outline

FP Complete is hosting a functional programming webinar on, “Learn Rapid Rust with DevOps Success Strategies.” A beginner’s guide including sample Rust demonstration on writing your DevOps tools with Rust over Haskell. An introduction to Rust, with basic DevOps use cases, and the library ecosystem, airing on February 5th, 2020.

The webinar will be hosted by Mike McGirr, a DevOps Software Engineer at FP Complete which will provide an abundance of Rust information with respect to functional programming and DevOps, featuring (safety, speed and accuracy) that make it unique and contributes to its popularity, and its possible preference as a language of choice for operating systems over Haskell, web browsers and device drivers among others. The webinar offers an interesting opportunity to learn and use Rust in developing real world projects aside from Haskell or other functional programming languages available today.

Topics covered

During the webinar we will cover the following topics:

Mike Mcgirr, a Lead Software Engineer at FP Complete,will help us understand reasoning that supports using Rust over other functional programming languages offered in the market today.

More about your host

The webinar will be hosted by Mike McGirr, a veteran DevOps Software Engineer at FP Complete. With years of experience in DevOps software development, Mike will walk us through a first in a series of Rust webinars discussing why we would, and how we could utilize Rust as a functional programming language to build DevOps over other functional programming languages available in the market today. Mike will also share with us a small example script written in Rust showing how Rust may be used.

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