FP Haskell Center 2.3 Release Announcement

December 17, 2013 Natalia Muska


New Features to Make FP Haskell Center Even More Valuable to You!

Behind the Firewall, Large Project, and Emacs Support Now Available!

Behind the Firewall

We are excited to announce the latest product upgrades to FP Haskell Center. Last month we launched our free community edition of FP Haskell Center and the feedback has been amazing. One major feature request we’ve been getting since we launched is for a behind the firewall version of FP Haskell Center. Security is an especially big issue for our large clients and now the behind the firewall option is available. We hope this is an incentive for any individual or company who has been holding back on becoming an FP Haskell Center user because of security concerns. Contact us directly at sales@fpcomplete.com for access to the behind the firewall version of FP Haskell Center.

Large Project Support

With the 2.3 release this month, FP Haskell Center will support both Large Projects that can span several separate interacting projects, and megarepos that enable a project to be divided into several subprojects. With the large project feature, a project can include other projects from Git, GitHub, or local repositories. For example, if two project teams are developing separate libraries and they’re developing an application, the third team can include the work of the first two when building their application. Megarepos are repositories that consist of sub-repositories that can be built into independent programs or libraries. By enabling users to include packages from a git megarepo, users are able to specify which sub-projects from a project they wish to include in their project giving them greater control over their build environment.

Emacs Support

Lastly, we’re excited to share our integration with Emacs. With release 2.3 of FP Haskell Center, Emacs users will be able to leverage the libraries, build environment, and IDE features of FP Haskell Center. The Emacs plugin is a stand-alone Emacs library and executable module that interacts with the FP Haskell Center API to provide integration with the FP Haskell Center server for developing and building applications. Emacs users will be able to use FP Haskell Center repositories to clone, update and access projects developed using FP Haskell Center. Now teams using FP Haskell Center can work together on projects using their editor of choice.

Thank you for your support. Your feedback is very important to us. Contact us at sales@fpcomplete.com.