FP Haskell Center–Personal Coming in October!

September 12, 2013 Ken Liu


FP Haskell Center — Personal

I am happy to announce that in addition to FP Haskell Center–Pro, we will be offering a personal edition, FP Haskell Center–Personal, to be released this October.

Key Features and Facts about FP Haskell Center–Personal:

  1. One license per user subscribing as an individual.
  2. Similar functionality as FP Haskell Center–Pro, but with:
    • less CPU, memory, and storage
    • less build and deploy resources
    • no advanced team features
  3. For non-commercial use only, meaning users should not use FP Haskell Center–Personal to:
    • develop or deploy programs for use at or for the benefit of their employers, and/or
    • sell or profit from programs developed and deployed by FP Haskell Center–Personal. This applies to self-employed, independent commercial developers.

    Once a user is ready to use our product for work or sale, all he has to do is upgrade to a Pro license.

  4. $9.99/month or $99/year (2 free months, 17% savings).
  5. Free community support only.
  6. Upgrade to FP Haskell–Pro at any time without any price penalties.

Ideal Candidates for FP Haskell Center–Personal

FP Haskell Center–Personal allows users to experience Haskell immediately and easily.  We make Haskell easier and accessible to all!  It is ideal for 3 user types and use cases:

  1. Professional Haskell programmers who want to use Haskell at work but currently are not for various reasons.  FP Haskell Center–Personal is a great tool to show managers and colleagues the benefits of Haskell.  Once the company approves the start of a project using Haskell, say a pilot, then a FP Haskell Center–Pro edition license would be required.
  2. Beginners and Haskell enthusiasts who want to learn, prototype and experiment with Haskell for their own enjoyment and possible professional use of Haskell later as they become more proficient.
  3. Functional programming and Haskell user groups.

FP Haskell Center Suite of Products

With the release of FP Haskell Center–Personal, we have the foundation of a full product offering that we are constantly improving and expanding.  In less than 7 months, from March-October 2013, we will have:

  • School of Haskell, March 2013
  • FP Haskell Center–Pro, September 2013
  • Free academic license (for version of product similar to Personal), September 2013
  • FP Haskell Center–Personal, October 2013

Soon we will be announcing our release plans for the rest of the year including planned enhancements to the FP Haskell Center suite of products.


User feedback is very important to us. We heard the demand for the Personal product loud and clear during the beta period.  In fact, there was one beta user who described exactly what he wanted, down to the pricing, it’s as if he spec’d out the product for us!  The user types and use cases described above all came from the surveys, webinars and conversations we’ve been having during the past two months.

We will be posting final details, datasheet etc. in the next few weeks, so check back at www.fpcomplete.com. In closing,  we definitely want to hear from you regarding the FP Haskell Center–Personal product offering, including if you are likely to subscribe to it.  Please contact us at sales@fpcomplete.com and thank you all for your support.