We are moving into the quantitative finance industry!

February 4, 2014 Ken Liu


Integrated Analysis Platform for Quantitative Finance

After the successful launch of FP Haskell Center last Fall, we are starting our next phase of expansion by making solutions for specific markets.  The first is the Integrated Analysis Platform (IAP) for the quantitative finance market—hedge funds, asset management, algorithmic trading, derivatives, alternative/exotic investments etc.  We plan to release a rev. 1 product next quarter for a handful of launch customers who will be working with us to customize the product features and services they may need.  These launch customers will also receive special incentives for their early adoption.  If you are interested in joining the program, or know of firms that might, please contact us at sales@fpcomplete.com.

In our market research, we found wide recognition that today’s quant research process is disjointed. It is based on a cumbersome and disparate set of analytical tools and programs.  Research is done in R, Excel, or MATLAB; prototyping is often redone in languages like Python; and production is done in Java or C#. The result is that it is inefficient, unproductive and often error prone. The data and model silos are often not integrated into a production environment with version control, audit trails and other risk management best practices. The potential for conflicting, erroneous or unknown models not in the system is a huge risk under the stricter regulatory and compliance environment.

Our solution enables analysts to perform model explorations, build prototype models which turn into production code, and directly integrate them into existing production systems in one seamless development environment. We have significantly reduced the amount of Haskell coding necessary to enjoy Haskell’s benefits, which enables much greater adoption.  Here is a full overview of the benefits of IAP.

We are also exploring opportunities in the biopharmaceutical research and consumer Big Data markets.

To sum up: we are very excited about this next phase of our growth, and about working with our customer base and the Haskell community going forward.  We appreciate all the support you have given us so far.  The best way to continue supporting us is to:

  1. spread the word about our new product focus,
  2. give us ideas about them, and
  3. refer potential customers to us here.
  • Wow

    Do you’ll write haskell brings to CDH components, spark, kafka?

    • Gregg Lebovitz

      I am interpreting your question as will we provide integration with Apache spark and kafka. If this is incorrect, please let me know.

      So far integration with Apache Spark clustering or Kafka messaging has not been a requirement from our early IAP customers. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements with us, we would be interested in talking with you. Please send a note to sales@fpcomplete.com.