FP Haskell Center™ Features and Pricing

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  Ideal for anyone looking to learn and share Haskell projects. Perfect for independent developers needing a private repository and Git/GitHub integration. Designed for commercial users and Haskell development teams.
Features  FREE $9.99/Month $99/Year

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$75/Month $750/Year

Perfect for Teams

Create and Edit Haskell Projects
Open Projects from Git, FPHC, or Web
Continuous Error and Type Information
Hoogle and Haddock Integration
Easy to use build system
Vetted Stable Libraries
Easy to Understand Error Messages
No setup or install
Free Community Support
Commit to Private Repository
Push Projects to Git and GitHub
Emacs Integration (new)
Shared Team Accounts
Support for Sub Projects
Multiple Repository Projects
Commercial Use Licence
Deploy to FP Application Servers
Large Project and Megarepos Support (new)
Behind the Firewall (new) sales@fpcomplete.com
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Support Plans
Standard Support Plan(9-5 PST Mon-Fri, 2 day response time)  NA  NA  $25/Month/$250/Year
Premium Support Plan(9-5 PST 7 days/week, 8 hr response time)  NA  NA  $50/Month/$500/Year

FP Application Server™ Pricing

FP Application Server™   With Standard Support With Premium Support
Small (1 ECU, 1.7 GB Memory, 1×160 GB Storage)  $100/Month $150/Month
Medium (2 ECU, 3.75 GB Memory, 1×410 GB Storage)  $200/Month $275/Month
Large (4 ECU, 7.5 GB Memory, 2×420 GB Storage)  $500/Month $600/Month
X Large (8 ECU, 15 GB Memory, 4×420 GB Storage)  $1000/Month $1250/Month

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Email: sales@fpcomplete.com               Phone: US/Canada (Toll Free): 855-824-7982     Rest of the World: 760-230-0184