FP Haskell Center™

The world’s first commercial Haskell IDE and deployment platform.

FP Haskell Center makes it easier than ever to learn, develop and share Haskell. Simply login and code, no setup or install required. Whether you are just learning Haskell, using Haskell at the enterprise level, or fall somewhere in between, FP Haskell Center is a convenient, reliable, and innovative set of tools that will help you be more proficient.

Community Edition Personal Edition Professional Edition
Free $9.99/Month (Most Popular) $75/Month
FP Haskell Center is the perfect place to learn and practice Haskell code. Features include the ability edit code snippets from tutorials directly in the IDE and to pull projects from various locations and publish them to FP Haskell Center. FP Haskell Center’s Personal edition is the perfect tool for Haskell hobbyists and enthusiasts seeking features like the ability to push projects to Git and GitHub, or access to private repositories. The personal edition also includes Emacs support. For Commercial Haskell developers, there is the Professional edition of FP Haskell Center, which includes access to the FP Application Servers, team management tools, large project and megarepos support as well as commercial licensing.

5 key benefits of FP Haskell Center:

  • Convenience: There is no software to install or support, simply login and start coding.
  • Reliability: Our fully tested Haskell compiler, tools and libraries work together. All version conflicts and dependencies (downstream and upstream) are taken care of.
  • Support: Free community support is included with FP Haskell Center. Paid standard and premium support plans with 2-day and 8-hour response times are also provided.
  • Innovative Tools: FP Haskell Center provides continuous compile with type checking, intelligible error reporting, Hoogle lookup and code suggestions, and Git/Github integration.
  • Continuous Enhancements: SaaS subscription includes all new features, updates, and bug fixes.

FP Haskell Center™

The FP Haskell Center IDE includes a Haskell compiler and a continually updated set of vetted, tested and supported libraries and code templates. There is no need to run Cabal or other installers. Key features include; continuous compile with real-time type information and error messaging, Haddocks documentation and Hoogle search, syntax highlighting, Git/GitHub integration, team management tools, remote version control, and an integrated web deployment platform.  Subscriptions include continuous refresh releases on new features, updates, bug fixes and free community support.

FP Application Server™

FP Haskell Application Server deploys and runs Haskell applications directly in the cloud with no additional effort. It is flexible and cost effective. A free shared instance for testing is included with every account. Larger and dedicated instances are available for active project deployments at a reasonable monthly charge. FP Application Server is architecture-independent, allowing for cloud deployment today and enterprises server deployment in the near future.


FP Haskell Center

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