FP Application Server™

FP Application Servers™ are installed on EC2 instances at Amazon Web Services:

EC2 instance Small Medium Large X Large
ECU 1 2 4 8
Memory (GB) 1.7 3.75 7.5 15
Storage (GB) 1 x 160 1 x 410 2 x 420 4 x 420
Price Per Month
With Standard Support $100 $200 $500 $1000
With Premium Support $150 $275 $600 $1250
Discount Schedule:
2-5 5%
6-10 10%
10+ Contact Sales

FP Application Server™ Terms

  • Monthly subscription includes the cost of EC instances and FP Haskell Application Server.
  • Payments are processed prior to the start of the next month, and charged in full for the duration of the month. All cancellations during a given month will be effective at the beginning of the next month. There will be no credits for partial months.
  • You may subscribe to any number of instances and sizes to support your deployment and share among the number of FP Haskell IDE licenses you have.
  • Volume discounts are applicable to the total number of application servers licensed, of any combination of sizes

Contact Us

Email: sales@fpcomplete.com                Phone: US/Canada (Toll Free): 855-824-7982     Rest of the World: 760-230-0184