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In just a 30 minute conversation with me you will get honest and valuable feedback you can use to determine how to get your project completed on-time, within budget, and without errors to meet  your company's goals.


During your ASSessment robert will help you:

  1. Determine your goals and key performance indicators (KPI's): What do you want to achieve and how will you know when you've gotten there?
  2. How to get around the roadblocks you may be encountering
  3. Specific ideas to get your project back on track and deployed on time

Be prepared to deliver the following so we can deliver the best advice possible.

  • Challenges
  • What you've tried in the past

If your project is causing you headaches, lets chat about how to get it back on track.

FP Complete
"Our researchers love to work with FPComplete on our mathematically rather complex project. FPComplete has been delivering amazing software without conceivable bugs and faster than we have been able to understand our own goals and specifications."
Viktor Winschel, PhD