DevOps Concepts

Business is moving at an ever-increasing pace and businesses need every possible advantage they can get to stay competitive. Software has become the predominant driver of innovation, differentiation, and new revenue streams. Faster delivery of applications and services is a must for a business’s survival, yet many IT organizations can’t match the speed the business requires. Traditional IT practices are inefficient, prone to error, and costly in terms of lost opportunities and service downtime. For this reason, there has been a conversion to DevOps.

Here are some signs your IT organization is holding your business back:

  • Infrequent production deployments: months long intervals, not weeks or days
  • Deployments are dreaded events and fraught with problems
  • Frequent crises and firefighting leading to employee burnout/turnover

FP Deploy helps your business accelerate delivering effective DevOps with fewer errors, little to no down time and gets new features to the market fast and efficiently which helps you retain your hard-won customers. Equally as important to business as speed of delivery, the stability of DevOps systems to increase reliability and provide a platform for innovation.

For example, instability that causes system downtime can carry enormous business costs. Typical companies lose an estimated .15% of annual revenue due to outages caused by human error. It is possible to eliminate instability by automating the software build, testing, and deployment processes.

Here to help you migrate to modern DevOps

FP Complete brings a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art open-source technology and best practices to your entire application lifecycle management pipeline. Our proven DevOps platform and methodologies transition your team quickly and efficiently while instilling collaboration across development and operations so you achieve the benefits of DevOps without the time and expense of researching a multitude of tools and technologies as well as designing and building automation systems on your own.

We provide a phased approach to adopting DevOps through implementation process.

Leverage the FP Complete Advantage:

  • Expert company - Experienced engineers
  • Fast delivery of complete solutions
  • Mission-critical and regulated projects
  • Shortened learning curve through knowledge transfer and training