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FP Complete would like to offer all talented DevOps companies the opportunity to tell us about your project. What makes it special? Are there any pain points?  We would love to listen to you describe your project in as much detail as you'd like. Complete this short form, and we will call you to begin DevOps project collaborations!

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Get started today by selecting one of FP Complete's DevOps Success Programs, the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level to address and remove your fears of suffering customer attrition! 

You've found the DevOps help need! FP Complete's seasoned DevOps Engineers will mentor and guide your team to success. Know great engineering? Let FP Complete take-on your project to success so you will not suffer a single customer loss.

Allow FP Complete to review the progress and the health of your DevOps project.

Working on DevOps Projects 7 Years and Running!

For over seven years, FP Complete's DevOps Engineers have been focusing daily upon working on developing and deploying secure, high-level, successful DevOps projects! You have found the team you have been searching for who will answer questions you've had regarding your DevOps project quality and health. We pride ourselves on deploying a project both on-time and successfully.

We Tell the Truth! Regardless of How Difficult it's to Take.

Never guess again when it comes to an understanding of the health of your IT Project! Get started today with one of FP Complete's DevOps Success Programs and deploy your project on-time!

Improving Your Team's Speed of Deployment While Decreasing the Risk of Downtime.

FP Complete Reduces Downtime!

FP Complete DevOps Engineers share and mentor your team with our DevOps extreme knowledge in project deployment techniques designed to help you succeed rapidly. Not interested in help, but in FP Complete taking the project off your hands, thereby allowing your team to focus on what they do best? FP Complete is happy to help in this manner as well!

Get started today with our DevOps Success Program and let your money pay for rapid development, and new software in less time, rather than fixing buggy software causing you to continuously miss deadlines!

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FP Complete assures all company DevOps projects are properly tested in a staging environment and ready to deploy on-time!

Are you testing your project in production, not in a staging environment? With over seven years of DevOps project experience and thousands of hours fixing DevOps problems, FP Complete is the right choice for locating and fixing problems, which may have a negative effect on your deployment confidence.

FP Complete is ready to assist your DevOps team! Do you understand the level of engineering expertise FP Complete offers? Maybe you have an interest in FP Complete taking your DevOps development project to complete success? Then get started today by enrolling in one of our DevOps Success Programs and never worry about the success of your project deployment again.

Ready? Set? Deploy!

We are guiding you on how to maximize the power of DevOps at work. FP Complete is the leading provider of DevOps engineering. We are pleased to offer the DevOps Success Program, a new low-cost mentoring program to share our real-world “how-to” expertise with you and your team.

We have worked on as many commercial DevOps projects as any company in the world today. This work includes managing, securing, and defending, continuous integrations, planning, verifying and testing, packaging, and releases, configuring, and monitoring. We also work on applications, server components, cloud systems, engineering tools, and specialized solutions from successful GovCloud migrations to medical systems to logistics to market analytics. For the past seven years, we have been amassing advanced DevOps operations know-how, and we are ready to share it with you.

The DevOps Success Program provides you with continuous access to an experienced FP Complete DevOps engineer! FP Complete Engineers are ready to teach your team how we drive successful DevOps engineering projects from start to finish. FP Complete engineers are also able to assume your project to success, allowing your team to focus on what it does best. Skip the learning curve, skip the trial-and-error, and jump to the head of the line with field-tested know-how, and proven priorities.

Why Are We Doing This?

To support the growth of the DevOps community, we are offering this service at a price well below our standard commercial rates. We aim to make little to no profit on this program while spreading extensive practical knowledge. As with all our open-source, educational, and research programs, the DevOps Success Program is an investment in our shared future: strengthening and helping the very community that our clients come from. You gain useful knowledge, and we get to show you our helpful consulting and advanced engineering while getting to know you and your company. Anyone is welcome to use this high-quality, low-cost service whether you are an FP Complete engineering client or not.

5 Roadblocks to IT project success - and how to get around them

This free ebook presents examples of the top 5 reasons for delays and budget bloat in IT projects. In addition, learn how to get past the roadblocks to project success.

5 Roadblocks to IT Project Success

DevOps Success Program Sample Components

Mentoring, teaching, and collaboration customized to your team's needs

Data Quality Icon

AWS GovCloud

AWS GovCloud meets the regulatory requirements of United States federal, state, and local agencies. While based on the same technologies as the public AWS cloud, GovCloud integration presents some hurdles, especially for integrating technologies like Kubernetes. Let the FP Complete devops team bring their experience to bear to help you bypass the complications of GovCloud rollouts, so you can focus on delivering the applications and features your customers need.

Code Dependencies Icon

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the nexus of your project, providing a gatekeeper on new code additions and an automated way to generate new production binaries. Our team will set you up with best-in-class CI tooling—either Gitlab CI or Jenkins, depending on preference—configure it to build your code, and provide binary artifacts for your operations team. A powerful CI system can also be used for Continuous Deployment (CD): automatically pushing new versions of code to production.

Project Management Icon


We can deploy the Kubernetes orchestration management system on AWS. Features: high availability, immutable infrastructure, Prometheus monitoring, and scaling capabilities. We can also show you the limitations of Kubernetes and help you evaluate add-ons or alternatives to avoid known pitfalls.

Continuous Integration Icon

Productive Containers with Docker

Now that you are ready to take the leap from traditional deployment strategies to containerization, FP Complete can help jumpstart your adoption of Docker and modern deployment tools. We will help you implement a build system for packaging up your existing application in a Docker image, and configure deployment scripts. Powerful features like Docker registries and clustering are ready for you to understand and use.

Software Documentation

Cloud Monitoring and Management

Most common failure modes can be understood, predicted, watched for, and managed. How to tell if your servers are reaching capacity, and respond automatically? How to avoid getting lost in a sea of log files? With years of experience, we help your team put in place data aggregation and automation to maximize your system uptime and minimize surprises.

Software Documentation

Roll Forward, Roll Back

Learn best practices in deploying new versions of software in a risk-contained way, using techniques like blue-green deployment, canary deployment, staging systems, and isolated virtual private clouds. Allow your team to increase the tempo of software releases with DevOps methods that improve safety, reproducibility, and reversibility.

Software Code Icon

Security Best Practices

With huge levels of complexity and layers of virtualization, cloud security is a never-ending task. One breach can undo months of improvements to your business, and as complexity increases, there is more and more to keep track of. How can you use DevOps automation and smart architectures to reduce security risks, and get more security in less time? Let us share lessons learned from helping dozens of companies with their cloud systems.

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