FP Complete is the world’s #1 provider of Haskell expertise, consulting, and commercial-grade tools. Haskell is the language for writing scalable, reliable, high-performance applications with outstanding time-to-market, quality, and maintainability. We would be glad to assist you with your Haskell application development, tools, and training.

Learn and Use Haskell for Free

Want to know the basics about Haskell or start programming in Haskell? See our Intro to Haskell page.

Services for Haskell Developers and Sysadmins

Ready to accelerate your Haskell capabilities? Use our professional consulting services for individuals and teams, including onsite training, remote best-practices mentoring and code reviews, toolchain configuration, custom tooling, component development, complete application development, and quality control systems.

We have extensive capabilities to deploy, scale up, and manage large Haskell and mixed-language applications in the cloud. Our scalable Haskell-based systems support thousands of users with distributed and replicated processing across years of service, maintenance, scale-up, and feature enhancement.

In addition to custom assistance, we offer structured options for companies interested in adopting Haskell:

Team Jumpstart

In this program, we help a Haskell enthusiast get his/her team up to speed on Haskell. We provide training classes (on-site and via telecom), tooling, and a package of 30 hours of remote consulting to be used for mentoring, code reviews, and generally helping your colleagues to learn and become comfortable with FP and with Haskell.

Project Acceleration

This program is for teams that have already decided to use Haskell. We transfer our own FP Complete best practices, tooling configurations, and engineering techniques to your team, so that you can increase your productivity immediately. This includes topics like best use of stack and docker, recommended choice of packages and coding techniques, and even custom confidential code reviews.

Engineer Assist

In this program, we offer you 15 half-hour units of consulting from a member of our engineering team to help you get going more strongly as a Haskell professional. These are remote and can be scheduled on fairly short notice, and can be used any time for a year.

Proven Results

Companies worldwide, from startups to Facebook, have been switching their Haskell environments to use Stackage or Stack, major tools originated at FP Complete. We are the world’s leading consultants in the use of these technologies.

A Fortune 500 biomedical company chose FP Complete to jointly build and operate a major new personalized medicine product which combines baseline population data with patient data using powerful mathematical models. This major project, currently in testing, used engineers and scientists from FP Complete’s North American and European teams, together with flagship FP Complete technologies including FP-HPC (high performance computing) for cloud scalability, Stack for ultra-reliable software development, Yesod for high-performance web integration, and HaskellR for research analytics. FP Complete also sourced and trained specialized personnel to permanently expand the client’s own IT team with new engineering and DevOps skills, including the use of docker containerization for fast, reliable deployment of new software in a secure, FDA-regulated environment.

To serve the open-source community with new developer training capabilities, FP Complete developed, delivered, and operates the School of Haskell online service. This highly scalable Web-based application, built atop the Amazon AWS cloud, has been running for two years. It regularly serves over 1000 users per day with online programming lessons, including the ability to actually edit and run programs in secure containers on its own shared Ubuntu Linux servers. Currently hosting about 500 separate lessons, the system automatically adapts to bursts in demand when major new tutorials are published, detecting high workloads and spinning up additional replicated servers with no human intervention. The system is so reliable that even with its demanding and experiment-prone user base, zero dedicated staff are required to keep it in continuous 24×7 operation.

Contact Us

To request our assistance with your own team’s Haskell work, or to inquire about details, email us at consulting@fpcomplete.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team and Qualifications

We are the originators of many major Haskell projects including:

  • Stack
  • Stackage
  • School of Haskell
  • Yesod
  • Fay
  • Inline C
  • HaskellR
  • IDE Backend
  • FP High Performance Computing (FP-HPC)
  • FP Haskell Center
  • FP Application Server

Our team includes several PhD computer scientists, former Google and Microsoft and Intel engineers, several startup founders, and a former director of Microsoft’s own developer tools. We have built commercial Haskell and mixed-language solutions at scales ranging from 16 hours to 20,000 hours of work. An acknowledged leader in the worldwide Haskell community, we use our deep expertise to efficiently deliver high-quality tool chains, components, and complete applications.