About FP Complete and Haskell

Dependable server software through better languages and tools

FP Complete's mission is to improve the state of software quality in the world. We believe software should be reliable, efficient, and maintainable. Software projects must have clear vision and direction while remaining responsive to changes in requirements. The world today depends on software. We want to make that software better.

We've chosen Haskell as our primary tool in the fight for better software. We believe that Haskell balances three business goals:

Haskell's successes

Instead of repeating ourselves here, please see our promote Haskell page, which contains information on Haskell's industry successes. Haskell is used in production at banks, life sciences companies, blockchains, and web development regularly.

FP Complete's history

FP Complete is founded and made up of individuals who have contributed to the Haskell ecosystem. Many FP Complete engineers are prolific open source Haskell authors. As a company, we have spearheaded initiatives our research indicated would allow more companies to adopt Haskell, such as:

We continue to use Haskell ourselves for projects large and small, help our customers use it, and recommend it across the board.

Contact us

Let us help you become successful with Haskell. Learn about our Haskell Success Program, and check out our contact us page.