High Performance Computing

You bring the data. We'll bring the software.

FP Complete helps sophisticated companies develop cutting-edge software for science, finance, Internet of Things, and other advanced data projects. Our clients are category innovators: startups to Fortune 500 firms, putting information to work. Together we build new software-driven systems for powerful data handling, data analysis, proprietary applications, and online operations.

We are veterans and innovators from Microsoft, Intel, Google, several PhD programs, and several prominent open-source projects. We operate innovation and engineering teams out of North America and Western Europe.

When yesterday’s IT isn’t enough -- when you are building novel capabilities from your data, and need better, more powerful, and more reliable software and analytics to reach market scale faster -- FP Complete can assist you with powerful software and operations technology and cooperative engineering services.

We develop and scale up proprietary, extensible applications. Our exceptionally well-qualified teams of engineers, operators, mathematicians, and computer scientists use latest-generation techniques such as multicore and distributed functional programming, distributed team management, world-leading Haskell tools, and advanced cloud DevOps and containerization, to get you new IT capabilities with fast time-to-market and immediate high capacity.

Technical & Scientific Computing

FP Complete’s advanced computing practice provides custom and semi-custom software for applied mathematics, data analysis, simulation, and modeling. FP Complete has experts ready to accelerate your work.

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