Removing Gaps in Security Controls

Achieve compliance in your organization’s security controls. Our compliance experts will assess your internal security vulnerabilities and guide your team toward best practices and standards.

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Problems We Solve

FP Complete’s experienced information security team will work with you to evaluate your security controls and reduce any exposures.

SOC-2/ISO 27001 Compliance Guidance

Our reviews help your organization build reliable products that can be trusted. Using industry-leading best practices, we help to ensure your products are designed to maximize uptime and maintain business continuity.

Security Controls Gap Assessment

In order to evaluate the risks your organization faces from a cyberattack, you need the right help to assess your complex information systems. Our compliance experts will perform a comprehensive gap assessment of your internal security controls.

Third-Party Vendor Exposure

We will work closely with you to strengthen your vendor management program.

SOC-2/ISO 27001 Certification Preparation Project

A phased approach that ensures your Information Security Management System (ISMS) is effective and compliant.

ISMS Scoping: 1-2 Weeks

First, we will work with your organization to determine what information needs to be protected. The scope of the ISMS will depend on your business, the needs or expectations of relevant parties (such as customers or regulatory requirements), and your Company's organizational structure.

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Gap Assessment: 3-4 Weeks

Next, we conduct a gap analysis. This compares an organization’s current information security system against the requirements of the SOC-2 or ISO 27001 standard. The information produced from a gap analysis helps an organization identify the areas that are vulnerable and require attention to resolve.

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Remediation: 3-4 Months

While it’s important to identify the gaps in your organization’s ISMS, it’s equally important to move your organization to bridge those gaps. The next phase, remediation, reviews the identified gaps and recommends implementation actions to resolve the discrepancies.

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Pre-Certification: 2 weeks

As a final step before the certification process, FP Complete recommends a 2-week pre-certification process. This involves an assessment to review which ensures all exposures in the gap analysis have been resolved. Additionally, a “Stage 1” pre-audit review of the documentation and a “Stage 2” system and controls pre-audit are completed, with remediation of any final issues.

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Our global IT Security and Compliance team is ready to perform a comprehensive Security Controls Assessment to ensure your company has a successful and seamless outcome in achieving its certification compliance.

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Gain confidence in your organization’s information systems security controls by leveraging our expert compliance team for your SOC-2 and ISO 27001 assessment needs.  


The team was knowledgeable, professional and helped my organization get to our ISO 27001 certification goal timely and effectively.  The team helped to put us on a strong footing with our clients where we can now prove we are safeguarding their critical data.

Director, Global Information Security, Leading Secure Data Cloud service provider

IT Compliance

Trust your organization’s information security with our professional team of engineering experts who will assess your security controls against best practices and standards, and put you on the road to success today!