Learn Rapid DevOps Success Strategies

Learn Rapid DevOps Success Strategies Webinar Registration

Learn Rapid DevOps Success Strategies

Airs: August 28, 2019 at 10:00 AM PST

Webinar Outline:

FP Complete's CEO Aaron Contorer presents "Learn Rapid DevOps Success Strategies" which will discuss success strategies his company, FP Complete has implemented along their many DevOps journeys. He will follow by introducing the new webinar series, "DevOps, FedRAMP Compliance, and Making Your Migration to GovCloud Successful". In this initial DevOps webinar, Aaron Contorer shares FP Complete's DevOps project success strategies, ideas and insights on this important universal technology. 

Topics to be covered:

During the webinar we will cover the following DevOps topics:

  • Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Security and Privacy
  • How to integrate FP Complete into your project?

The speaker will be Aaron Contorer, Founder and CEO of FP Complete.

Who should attend:

The webinar is for those who would like to gain assistance with their teams current DevOps builds as well as for decision makers who may want to hand off their DevOps projects entirely and let FP Complete take over allowing your team to focus on its strengths so you spend money to make software not fix bugs! 

The webinar will be held on Wednesday,

August 28th, 2019 at 10:00 AM PST

More about your host:

Aaron Contorer is founder and CEO of FP Complete, a software engineering services firm specializing in DevOps, cloud computing, financial technology, life science IT, and functional programming.He leads investment groups in IT startups that help individuals and families to improve their quality of life.He helped to build election services firm Everyone Counts, Inc., and served as adviser to the CEO of Benchmark Revenue Management, which streamlines and improves hospital revenue cycles through proprietary software systems.


Aaron is a former executive of Microsoft Corporation, where he helped to build Windows, MSN, Visual Studio, and the company's Productivity Tools Team, and founded the Microsoft Big Gift Club for new philanthropists. He was the architect of MSN's move to Internet-based server software, and later served as full-time technology adviser to the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

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