Reliability. Scalability. Repeatability.

The FP Complete mission is to improve the state of software quality. We believe software should be reliable, efficient, and maintainable. Software projects must have clear vision and direction while remaining responsive to changes in requirements. The world today depends on software. We focus on helping you build robust, performant solutions. While always keeping in mind that faster time to market is a critical requirement. We focus on server-side software, performing tasks ranging from large scale data computation to responsive web applications. Our passion is in architecting, developing, testing, and deploying top quality software.

For years, development and operations teams have been separated. Code has been proverbially—and sometimes literally—thrown over the wall. Too many bugs have been caused by mismatches in environments, unmet runtime expectations, and insufficient quality assurance. DevOps is both a culture and tooling shift aimed at reducing these problems.

The software world is full of programming languages. Various languages have advantages for specific domains, whether by virtue of powerful languages or special support on the target platform. We acknowledge the reality of this world, and will adapt our language selection process to match the problem at hand. When the choice presents itself, we believe languages promoting strong typing to help avoid bugs at compile time, before the code is ever run.

To err is human. Hoping that engineers make no mistakes is not a realistic strategy. We spend significant time researching, analyzing, selecting, and creating tooling and processes to provide teams the support they need to work quickly while minimizing mistakes, while still retaining the flexibility and creativity your team needs to thrive.