Haskell Training: San Francisco Bay Area

FP Complete and Well-Typed are offering two 2-day intensive Haskell courses to give you the practical skills to develop applications using Haskell. Courses will be held in Redwood City, CA during the first week of June.

Introductory Course

Redwood City, CA
2013, Jun 4-5
2 days for $1300

The introductory course is for professional programmers with little or no prior knowledge of functional programming. It covers all the basics of the Haskell language, the Haskell type system, and the core libraries. It demonstrates how types help programmers in writing their programs and how to systematically structure code. It also covers Haskell's unique system for keeping side-effects under control, separate from an application's core logic.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Read and write Haskell programs

  • Use the Haskell tools productively

  • Exploit the strengths of the Haskell language and its type system

  • Use a functional programming design approach in your day-to-day programming tasks.

Advanced Course

Redwood City, CA
2013, Jun 6-7
2 days for $1300

The advanced course is for developers who have some experience with Haskell and have written a few programs, and who now want to unleash the full power of the language. It shows how to write programs that are efficient in terms of performance and resource use. It covers how to use concurrency in Haskell and the libraries that enable multi-core parallel programming without the pitfalls of threads and locks. Participants are introduced to advanced patterns for structuring Haskell code and to advanced type system features and how they are used to enforce complex code invariants, eliminating large classes of bugs.

Participants will learn about:

  • Haskell's evaluation mechanism and how to debug performance problems.

  • Techniques and what data structures to use for getting the most idiomatic and best performing code.

  • Libraries for both concurrency and high-level, deterministic parallel programming.

  • Haskell's type system, helping you to understand how types can guide the user on how to correctly use complex code, and how to design your own libraries that can be used safely by others.

The courses are practical and interactive with a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises. The courses are delivered by highly qualified and experienced trainers from Well-Typed, each with many years of Haskell development and teaching under their belts.

Two Course Discount

Receive a 15% discount when you sign up for both courses

Redwood City, CA
2013, Jun 4-7
4 days for $2200


Course availability will depend on reaching a minimum enrollment goal. We reserve the right to cancel the course up to three weeks prior to the scheduled date.

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