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Welcome to the FP Haskell Centerâ„¢. If you have questions about using FP Haskell Center, please read any of our many tutorials on using FP Haskell Center, or visit our knowledge base.

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To create a completely blank project or clone from an existing Github repo right now, you can go straight to the new project page.

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Example Projects

To help you get started, we have created a number of example projects for doing common tasks in Haskell. These tasks range from developing a simple console-based application for parsing and converting text files to creating a fully functional file sharing web application. Most example projects reference a step-by-step School of Haskell tutorial to help you efficiently make use of the example code.

Yesod web site

A small but complete web site using the Yesod framework.

Text Parsing

A template for parsing server log files using the attoparsec package.

HTML Parsing with html-conduit

A short example of scraping information from a web page.

XML Processing with error checking

A tutorial on using HXT to process XML with validation for error checking.

Monte Carlo simulation

A template for running a Monte Carlo simulation

File server

A web-based file sharing service built with the Yesod framework. This version stores everything in memory, so loses information on restarts.

This template is described in detail in the School of Haskell tutorials at /school/advanced-haskell/buiding-a-file-hosting-service-in-yesod

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