Logging, monitoring, and alerting

FPCO Monitoring and Metrics is a solution that allows you to monitor your entire Kubernetes cluster and the applications running on the cluster.

It integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes as well as stand alone instances running outside the cluster.

FPCO monitoring and metrics builds on top of industry standard cloud native OSS solutions:

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Comes pre-configured

Come with an out of the box configuration that wires everything together and hooks seamlessly into your kubernetes cluster and outside resources like standalone EC2 instances, RDS databases etc.

One command install

It's easy to install with just one command:

helm install -f settings.yaml fpco/monitoring

Out of the box alerting

We provide alerting out of the box for the most common use-cases while providing you with a way to hook in your custom alerts for your applications.

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How does fpco/monitoring work?

We provide you with a Helm chart that has sensible defaults already set so that you can deploy the solution to your kubernetes cluster with minimal configuration and hassle.

The solution will deploy Prometheus, AlertManager, Grafana and many more components and set them up to talk to each other.

Grafana dashboard example
Grafana dashboard example

Use cases and core features

  • Automatically integrates with your kubernetes cluster
  • Automatic Letsencrypt SSL certificates
  • Monitors the nodes the cluster is running
  • Monitors the application running in the cluster
  • Provides and easy way to hook more applications into the system
  • Comes with preconfigured dashboards for monitoring nodes, pods and HTTP traffic
  • Automatic alerting is built in for the most general scenarios
  • Provides easy way to define your domain specific alerting rules
  • Enables each team to easily plug in their application into the system
  • Enables each team to set their own alerting rules and dashboards independently


While we're leveraging OSS components, all of them come with a significant operational cost and learning curve.

What fpco/monitoring and metrics provides is an easy way to get started with a "one-click" install, pre-configured best practices and existing alerting so that your business can focus on acting on the collected metrics rather than setting up the system.

What FP Complete can offer

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