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What Is Kube360®

Kube360® is our managed, fully integrated Enterprise Kubernetes Ecosystem. Kube360® standardizes containerization, software deployment, fault tolerance, auto-scaling, auto-healing and seKurity - By Design. Its modular, standardized architecture mitigates proprietary lock-in, high support costs, and obsolescence.

Kube360® is the gateway to simpler, more effective, best-in-class technology for our clients.

Why Kube360®

Developers want an agile and stable platform to write code. Operators want a centralized Command Center that is easy to manage and support. Product Teams want faster software deployments. Management wants to lower risk and manage costs. Kube360®checks all the boxes - “Out-of-the-Box”!

We’ve Already Done the Hard Work for You.

Let Kube360® Be Your Gateway to Digital Transformation.

Where Kube360® Runs

Kube360® Delivers a Seamless Deployment Experience for Our Clients

Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud – Kube360® is Ready

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  • Command Center
  • Auto-Healing
  • Auto-Scaling
  • High Availability
  • Monitoring


  • Plug-In Ready
  • Fully Configured
  • Fully Integrated
  • Fully Managed
  • Complete Documentation
  • Example Manifests


  • Dense Pod Packing
  • Machine Usage Monitoring
  • Efficient Machine Usage
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • Batteries Included

More Secure

  • Delegation Authentication
  • Role-Based Authentication
  • Unified login
  • Sensible Default Policies
  • Standarized Architecture

Kube360® Pricing

Ensuring that the pricing of our products and services exactly meet the needs and goals of our clients is tantamount of importance to us. Because every client situation is unique, we recommend the following 5-Step approach:

  • We ask our clients to complete an initial, high-level questionnaire
  • We discuss the feedback from the questionnaire, in detail, with our clients
  • Our leading Enterprise Solutions Team performs a ‘complimentary’ deep dive evaluation and assessment:
    • What are your goals and objectives?
    • Where are you on your digitalization journey?
    • How is your architecture and software configured?
    • What are your pain points?
    • Are your goals and objectives realistic and achievable?
  • We then create a customized ‘Plan-for-Success’ for each customer that provides specific deliverables, headcount, responsibilities, timelines, products, etc.
  • Last, we prepare and communicate a well-defined and measurable proposal specific for each client engagement.