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What Is Kube360®

Kube360® is our managed, fully integrated Enterprise Kubernetes Ecosystem. Kube360® standardizes containerization, software deployment, fault tolerance, auto-scaling, auto-healing and seKurity - By Design. Its modular, standardized architecture mitigates proprietary lock-in, high support costs, and obsolescence.

Kube360® is the gateway to simpler, more effective, best-in-class technology for our clients.

Why Kube360®

Developers want an agile and stable platform to write code. Operators want a centralized Command Center that is easy to manage and support. Product Teams want faster software deployments. Management wants to lower risk and manage costs. Kube360®checks all the boxes - “Out-of-the-Box”!

We’ve Already Done the Hard Work for You.

Let Kube360® Be Your Gateway to Digital Transformation.

Where Kube360® Runs

Kube360® Delivers a Seamless Deployment Experience for Our Clients

Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud – Kube360® is Ready

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  • Command Center
  • Auto-Healing
  • Auto-Scaling
  • High Availability
  • Monitoring


  • Plug-In Ready
  • Fully Configured
  • Fully Integrated
  • Fully Managed
  • Complete Documentation
  • Example Manifests


  • Dense Pod Packing
  • Machine Usage Monitoring
  • Efficient Machine Usage
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • Batteries Included

More Secure

  • Delegation Authentication
  • Role-Based Authentication
  • Unified login
  • Sensible Default Policies
  • Standarized Architecture

Kube360® Pricing

Ensuring that our products' and services' pricing meets the needs and goals of our clients is of tantamount importance to us.

  • We ask our clients to complete an initial, high-level questionnaire
  • We discuss the feedback from the questionnaire, in detail, with our clients
  • Our leading Enterprise Solutions Team performs a ‘complimentary’ deep dive evaluation and assessment:
    • What are your goals and objectives?
    • Where are you on your digitalization journey?
    • How is your architecture and software configured?
    • What are your pain points?
    • Are your goals and objectives realistic and achievable?
  • We then create a customized ‘Plan-for-Success’ for each customer that provides specific deliverables, headcount, responsibilities, timelines, products, etc.
  • Last, we prepare and communicate a well-defined and measurable proposal specific for each client engagement.