SeKure360 streamlines your AWS & IT administration, simplifies your engineering, and improves security.
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Delivering Value

Organizations incur significant, unnecessary costs on AWS administration. On average, most organizations spend:

  • 8 hours per Initial User Setup and User Termination
  • 4 hours monthly on Account Maintenance
  • 15 minutes daily managing login credentials
With SeKure360, your engineers will be up and running on AWS is less than 15 minutes.

True SSO

SeKure360 supports most common identity providers (Active Directory, Okta, G Suite) and other providers supporting SAML 2.0 and LDAP open protocols.

SeKure360 Delivers Best-in-Class Authentication and True Single Sign-On for AWS.

SeKurity First

Incomplete offboarding of users is a common seKurity risk for most organizations.

SeKure360’s proprietary solution mitigates this seKurity risk.

SeKure360 Pricing

Ensuring that the pricing of our products and services exactly meet the needs and goals of our clients is tantamount of importance to us. SeKure360uses a subscription pricing model based upon the number of institutional users within each Company. The subscription model includes one-year and three-subscriptions pricing. We also offer universal licenses for SeKure360 for larger clients.

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Best-in-Class Command Line SeKurity

Stop sharing credentials, Stop manually entering multi-factor codes, Stop using hacky scripts!

“Stop the Madness“ with SeKure360’s simple proprietary solution.

User Permissions Done Right

SeKure360 leverages group and role-based permissioning. Policies and roles can be shared across existing IAM users.

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