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Control and accelerate your engineering results

We deliver advanced engineering projects working with your IT, engineering, and scientific teams. But that means more than just writing code and building clouds. FP Complete is available to help keep your projects on track, and will take as much responsibility as you want, letting you focus on your business while we manage the technology implementation.

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FP Complete offers three levels of project management : Core, Standard, and Advanced.

  • Core gives you a self-managing contractor
  • Standard gives you organized management of the broader project
  • Advanced gives you a comprehensive engineering leadership service

All options described below can be purchased on either an hourly pricing or a monthly service basis.


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Levels of project management

Core PM: FP Complete is a self-managing contractor

This level of project management is the standard with engineering services ordered from FP Complete. It includes:

  • Routine tracking and reporting of the work items being done for you, including items completed, items underway and their status, and items intended for inclusion
  • Keeping work items in line with the business priorities and budget goals you have expressed
  • Identifying appropriate FP Complete personnel suited to accomplish your specific needs, including rotating specialized staff onto your project where it may increase project success, reduce time, and/or reduce cost.
  • Identifying existing FP Complete intellectual property suited to increase project success, reduce time, and/or reduce cost, by reducing the need for new custom engineering work.
  • Notifying you of identified risks and blockages that would limit or delay project success, and (where possible) recommendations for corrective action or decision-making.
  • Understanding your business goals and identifying opportunities to further enhance your project’s success, and communicating these to you, including possible actions you can take, possible redirection of effort within the scope of what you have ordered, or possible additional/different services that we believe would pay for themselves in technical or business benefits to you.
  • Breaking large requirements down into finer-grained work items, and tracking these work items including to-do tracking, issue tracking, and bug tracking.

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self-managing contractor

Standard PM: Organized management of the broader project

This upgraded service level is recommended for organizations that do not have a full-powered professional project management capability assigned to the project team. It extends the umbrella of PM services to cover not only FP Complete’s work, but also work being done your other contractors and, if desired, any portion or all of your own staff’s work on the project.

Standard PM is not a replacement for managing your own staff or implementation strategy, but rather, a way to centralize the risk management and control of project execution across all the different workers and providers you care about. It puts the burden of general engineering organization and reporting directly on FP Complete so that you can focus on higher-level decision making and on the domain-specific tasks that matter most to your business and your customers. Standard PM adds the following services:

  • Tracking and regular reporting on detailed project status and schedule, including requirements, issues, work items, bug handling, burn-down lists, schedules (actual vs planned), risks (yellow and red flags), dependencies, staff assignments to work items, unassigned work items, and other engineering-critical project bookkeeping.
  • Evaluating the project tools and practices in use, comparing them to industry best practices, and recommending or implementing relevant improvements (in areas such as version control, issue tracking, team communication, requirements tracking, and test case management).
  • Training staff in the correct use of project tools, and tracking compliance to maximize project efficiency and success.
  • Attendance and active participation in project status meetings, requirements meetings, project budget discussions, management briefings, and preparation of major reports on project plans and progress and futures.
  • Where requested, investigation of additional providers of specialized labor and/or IP to improve project success.
  • Recommendation of action items to address major identified risks to project success as seen from the engineering perspective, including areas spanning all in-scope engineering teams and work items, not just FP Complete work items.

Organized management of the broader project

Advanced PM: engineering leadership service

This highly upgraded level of project management is recommended for organizations that have grown quickly and therefore lack enough experienced & available engineering managers & leaders compared to the growing nature and complexity of the projects at hand.

Advanced PM can be used to augment or even fully substitute for any portion of an engineering leadership team, during ramp-up or long-term, so as to:

  1. Reuse industry best practices from managers exposed to numerous and diverse industrial software projects outside your organization, and
  2. Accelerate your project with managers who are available and ready to execute, and
  3. Focus your own leadership for now on more proprietary aspects of your business.

In addition to Standard PM features, Advanced PM includes the following, scoped across some or all of the project staff:

  • Creation of communication, responsibility-taking, and reporting structures to organize the engineering work overall
  • Assessment of staff capabilities vs. project needs and recommending actions to optimize staff usage, build staff skills, and fill identified gaps
  • Creation and management of requirements specifications, up front and over time, so that engineering plans are in line with actual business intentions and scenarios and priorities
  • Engineering budget management
  • Technology roadmap management, including the planning of an ongoing series of releases over time that continuously deliver new capabilities without sacrificing predictability or reliability
  • Attendance and active participation in technology strategy and long-term planning meetings, including recommending needed changes to major plans to take advantage of opportunities, and to respond to changing business needs or technical hurdles
  • Basic HR-like functions, where requested, to track personnel capabilities and performance and advise on personnel management actions

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