A cornerstone of FP Complete’s mission is to improve the state of software quality. Our quality assurance program will help ensure your software is developed and deployed reliably. Don’t make quality an afterthought, plan it from the beginning.

Quality is not a zero sum game. Proactive investments in quality assurance processes and tools can net you a time savings across the life of your project.

Maintenance and firefighting will slow your developers down. You need to reduce the fires to keep your developers engaged and productive. You want to be ready to deliver the next feature, not get bogged down with past mistakes. Let us help you discover and fix issues before your customers ever see them.

Mistakes can cost you millions, but broken code in production is only a symptom of a broken process. It is possible to assess code before deployment, and then deploy with confidence. We will design a thorough quality plan and acceptance criteria.

Poor software quality has unfortunately become the norm. Don’t fall prey to this lowered bar. Instead, excel beyond it. Users will notice that, unlike your competitors, your systems work, and keep coming back for your reliability.

Our quality assurance approach

At FP Complete we reject the notion that you should assume that software involves critical bugs and late-night emergencies. You can assure that you deliver quality through a well designed quality assurance process. We document each requirement, and verify via a thorough quality plan. You can deploy with confidence.

Here are four great articles to learn more about our process and quality:

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