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Dev(Sec)Ops: CI/CD, Cloudification, Containerization, IT Security

We live and breathe Dev(Sec)Ops at FP Complete. We are industry authorities on Open Source Tooling, the foundation for DevOps, and specialize in building seKure DevOps environments from the ground up. Whether you are looking to implement a CI/CD pipeline, deploy Infrastructure-as-Code, integrate tooling into your enterprise security or ensure all network traffic is encrypted at source, FP Complete is your technology partner of choice to make it happen. Our mantra is Better, Faster, Cheaper, and More SeKure

Custom Engineering & Software Development

At FP Complete, we are first and foremost architects and engineers. Our talented engineering team has 500+man years of experience working in modern architecture. Whether you are looking to automate your development environment or construct a new commercial world, let us show you the art of the possible with our custom architecture and development services.


We believe that developing software in functional units (Containers) of work that can be deployed in a scalable, fault tolerant and seKure manner on any physical or virtualized environment is the key to technological and commercial agility. That is why we have embraced Containerization as the right path forward for modern application architecture. Let us help you architect a path to containerizing your world

Technology Process Automation

DevOps provides a foundation for technology process automation, but expertise and know-how is needed to maximize the benefits of DevOps. Whether you are looking to automate your continuous development (CI/CD) process or simply looking to improve your customer onboarding, the thought processes and tools for automation are similar. Here at FP Complete, we have the years of experience and “we practice what we preach”. Let us help you drive your IT Operations to a level of efficiency that others only can aspire to.

Technology Cost Optimization

Over the last several years, numerous innovations in technology (Agile DevOps, Cloud, Containers, Open Source) have enabled Companies to right-size their technology budgets and focus on ROI. Companies are now able to invest a greater percentage of their budgets on developing new technology and solutions vis-a-vis maintenance on legacy software and bare metal.
Let us help you unlock the hidden value in your technology spend,  invite us in for a free assessment

Managed IT Services & Training

Managing DevOps environments unfortunately is not as simple as flipping a switch. FP Complete and its strategic partners have years of experience and know-how in providing Managed IT Services and Training. If you are looking to outsource this critical function or are simply seeking assistance with training your DevOps teams on best practices, let FP Complete assist and guide you with this critical process.

Blockchain, Crypto-Currencies and Distributed Ledger Technologies

Our roots are in Functional Programming that led us to Blockchain, Crypto-Currencies and Distributed Ledger Technologies. FP Complete is an accredited industry authority on Blockchain Architectures and Code Audits. If you need assistance with a Blockchain application or need Blockchain Certification, let us be your accredited partner with these commercial and cutting-edge technologies.