A European Union-based health care provider needed a system to record patient activity and blood chemistry using wearable devices. This information had to be available in a highly secure big-data management solution meeting strict EU standards for data privacy, while being reliably delivered to clinics in an easy-to-use, web-based or mobile user interface.


Patient data was collected and sent from off-the-shelf wearable devices and iOS/Android smartphones to a secure, scalable, cloud-based infrastructure. The system met stringent EU-mandated privacy criteria, including secure web portals and mobile applications authorized for medical professionals. Data was displayed to clinicians in an easy-to-understand format to enable fast, precise patient-care decisions. Our relevant achievements included:

Uploaded data to existing cloud-based analytics platform which included data cleansing and parsing modules for the raw device data.

  • Implemented custom machine learning modules for data analysis.
  • Developed web-based and mobile clients for both patients and clinicians.
  • Delivered DevOps automation targeting for multiple cloud providers.
  • Integrated data security into a new and existing cloud-based analytics platform.
  • Created a messaging system delivering real-time data to clinicians.


Our end-to-end solution collects, analyzes and presents data to patients and clinicians to help determine over-all patient health and drives better patient outcomes based on real patient data.