Technical and Scientific Computing

FP Complete’s advanced computing practice provides custom and semi-custom software for applied mathematics, data analysis, simulation, and modeling. Whether your unique problem involves dynamical systems, time series, parsing, data cleansing, machine learning, financial pattern detection, health, biotechnology, or computer science, FP Complete has experts ready to accelerate your work.

Our typical client has deep expertise in their problem domain, and several IT experts on staff, but needs a way to scale up and accelerate their computing -- putting more data, more processors, and more sophisticated analyses into daily production without limits.

We provide partial or complete solutions for teams needing to analyze unique combinations of data, detect uniquely identified conditions, or perform cutting-edge simulations of proprietary models. Whether the complexity is in the model, the data, the interactions, the cloud operation, or the software engineering process itself, we can help.

Using our state-of-the-art multicore and distributed tooling, with the reliability of functional programming, our advanced computing team is able to deliver an extraordinary combination of:

  • High scalability and performance, with custom applications running natively multicore from the beginning and easily scaling to cloud-based multi-machine HPC clusters
  • High accuracy and maintainability, with even complex applications coded in a manner that lends itself to quality control, inspection, refactoring, and enhancement without loss of fidelity
  • High productivity, with fast time-to-market, concise code, and far less time required to chase down bugs and aberrations

We have a special focus on scalable cloud-based computing, including all the attendant programming and DevOps, whether for new applications or for existing applications that need to handle more data faster, become more maintainable and reliable, and include new features. If your analyses need to be created faster, maintained more easily, and run more quickly and economically, please contact us.

Proven Results

London-based OTAS Technologies, providers of market data analytics, used FP Complete’s software tools and custom analytics to build OTAS Lingo, its new natural language reporting technology. OTAS Lingo produces reports containing up-to-date analysis of all the standout and unusual activity in the stocks users care about. Lingo generates reports on demand, detailing calendar events and highlighting significant changes in price performance, short interest, options, credit, valuation, yield and technicals, as well as any important recent director (insider) dealing. The text is machine-generated so users know that the most significant changes are being instantly highlighted without human bias. CEO Tom Doris said, "We chose Haskell and the FP Complete stack because we knew the complexity of the problem required a new approach. The result was that we built better software faster than ever, and delivered it defect-free into a production environment where it has proven robust and high-performance.”

A Fortune 500 biomedical company chose FP Complete to jointly build and operate a major new personalized medicine product which combines baseline population data with patient data using powerful mathematical models. This major project, currently in testing, used engineers and scientists from FP Complete’s North American and European teams, together with flagship FP Complete technologies including FP-HPC (high performance computing) for cloud scalability, Stack for ultra-reliable software development, Yesod for high-performance web integration, and HaskellR for research analytics. FP Complete also sourced and trained specialized personnel to permanently expand the client’s own IT team with new engineering and DevOps skills, including the use of docker containerization for fast, reliable deployment of new software in a secure, FDA-regulated environment.

Contact Us

To request professional assistance or inquire about details, email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team and Qualifications

Our team of about 20 engineers includes several PhD computer scientists, former Google and Microsoft and Intel engineers, several startup founders, and the former technology advisor to Bill Gates. We have particular technical expertise in:

  • advanced mathematical modeling
  • distributed and replicated scalable computing
  • dynamical systems
  • high-performance parallel programming
  • custom tooling and cross-language programming
  • cloud-based system design and operations, and applied abstract algebras

We have specific domain experience in:

  • biological systems
  • aerospace
  • large Internet applications
  • networks & telecom
  • high-scrutiny computer security
  • distributed and anonymous voting
  • software engineering tools and languages
  • financial data analysis