Cellular Automata

This is a short series in which I'm exploring ways some interesting structures in Haskell using cellular automata as motivating examples.

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  • Part I: From Theory to Pretty Pictures 9 Jan 2014Edward Kmett

    This post shows how we can render automata on the web using a number of reusable components from the Haskell ecosystem.
  • Part II: PNGs and Moore 3 Sep 2013Edward Kmett

    In this part we'll explore how to make extensible folds for hashing, explore the connection between Gabriel Gonzales' `foldl` library and Moore machines, discover a Comonad, and concoct a way to generate custom PNGs by leveraging pieces of the existing Haskell ecosystem.
  • Part III: A World in a Bottle 16 Nov 2013Edward Kmett

    Now I'll show how we can prevent our automata from using extrinsic properties of their location and show how this lets us bend space.