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FP Complete uses modern approaches, like functional programming in Haskell and cutting-edge devops techniques, to make your projects more successful.

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We are the largest commercial provider of Haskell, a functional programming language for fast, reliable, maintainable software devices that scale up easily to multicore and cloud computing.

We are an innovator in the field of devops providing a flexible platform for deploying your software.


  • With our battle-tested toolchain, we can improve your time to market dramatically.
  • By leveraging advanced techniques in strong typing and reproducible systems, we help you create more maintainable software.
  • Performance is a first class citizen. Haskell is capable of bare-metal coding without requiring you to jump to lower-level languages like C.

We have a proven track record in fields ranging from finance, to FDA regulated devices, massive multi-machine computations, and web services. We can help accelerate your project to success.

What we do

Our team of highly skilled engineers consists of technology leaders across the globe. We're at your disposal to:

We're able to help teams at all stages use Haskell and devops to become more productive, more successful, and produce more robust software. Learn more below, or contact us for a Free Consultation.

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