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Combining modern Functional Programming with cutting-edge DevOps techniques to bring your project to completion.


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FP Complete is an engineering company focused on creating robust, maintainable, and high-performance server software. We specialize in modern DevOps and distributed computation for processing big data. Our team leverages functional programming for creating reliable software, and we extend the same functional programming principles of immutability and reproducibility to our systems engineering.

  • With our proven toolchain, we can improve your time to market dramatically.
  • We help you create more maintainable systems and software by leveraging advanced techniques in modern DevOps, functional programming, and reproducible systems.
  • Our scalable architecture will allow you to meet your business needs as demand for your software grows.
  • Our performance-sensitive software gets more done with less hardware, reducing your operating costs.

We have a proven track record in fields ranging from finance, to FDA regulated medical devices, massive multi-machine computations, and web services. Our customers range in size from new start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We can help accelerate your project to success.

What We Do for You

You bring the product idea, and we’ll bring the rest. Our team are experts in architecting backend solutions spanning from systems engineering through to application design. Our DevOps and software engineers will provide full implementations for each step of your project. Our project management team can help guide the project to timely completion. We are experts at integrating with existing teams, fulfilling both support roles and providing training for your engineers.

Our Services

Our team of professional engineers can provide a full service solution for your project or can support your team just where it needs the expert help.


Software Development

From creation and prototyping to development and deployment, FP Complete has the expertise and the resources to deliver the dependable software solutions you need.

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FP Deploy helps your business accelerate IT delivery with fewer errors, no down time, and getting new features to the market efficiently--helping you retain your hard-won customers.

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Haskell Consulting

FP Complete is the world’s #1 provider of Haskell expertise, consulting, and commercial-grade tools. With a focus on functional programming, we've chosen Haskell as the cornerstone of most of our technology decisions.

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How We Do It

Modern devops

We’re experts in leveraging state of the art DevOps technology to create more robust systems. We are strong believers in immutable infrastructure. Our DevOps techniques allow for continuous and reliable deployments. You’ll have less downtime, fewer errors, and greater end user and engineer satisfaction.

Continuous integration (CI)

CI is the nexus of software projects, where dev, DevOps, and QA all intersect. All too often, these groups have different ways of building, running, and testing software, resulting in wasted time and slipping bugs into production. FP Complete focuses on making CI a robust tool that all teams can rely upon, and allow all engineers to replicate the CI environment on their own machines for a quick feedback loop. A strong CI setup is the basis for reliable Continuous Deployment setups.

Functional programming

We leverage functional programming techniques wherever possible to reduce the complexity that comes with modern multicore systems and concurrent software. This makes software which is easier to test, readily maintainable, faster to complete and that delivers robust results.

Server software

Our specialty is creating backend servers, ranging from web applications to highly distributed computation frameworks. Creating reliable and highly available servers requires expertise in multiple domains: DevOps, network architecture, and programming. Our diverse team brings these skills to the table for you.

Architecture and Project Management

In addition to providing engineering services for implementation, our team includes highly experienced systems architects and project managers. We will be happy to help lay out a design for your software, create a project roadmap, and help your team manage execution.


We will train your team on Haskell, functional programming, and DevOps practices. We are experienced with training teams on both DevOps and functional programming skills. We offer written training materials, remote training courses, in-person classes, and code review and mentoring. We're able to help teams at all stages use Haskell and DevOps to become more productive, more successful, and produce more robust software. Learn more below, or contact us for a Free Consultation.


Our Industry Is Changing

I.T. organizations that have tried to custom adjust current tools to meet DevOps practices have a failure rate of 80%, thus making tool replacement and/or addition a critical requirement 1

of I.T. professionals believe they need to improve the quality and performance of applications via DevOps 2

Reduction in bug fixes by using Haskell Programming Language 3

of I.T. professionals plan to implement Devops within 12 months 4

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