We are the leading provider of commercial Haskell tools and services

We were founded on the vision that functional programming in general, and Haskell in particular, can improve the quality of software development. We believe in using better tools to produce better results, and consider Haskell one of the best tools around.

So we have contributed significantly to the Haskell ecosystem, and continue to maintain large parts of the library and infrastructure ecosystem.

We contribute regularly to upstream Haskell projects and have founded and maintain our own tools and services, including but not limited to:

The most popular Haskell build tool written for industrial users and maintained by us. The service that produces stable package sets that Stack uses. The top web framework for writing professional grade, battled-tested web services in Haskell. Our standard library with sane defaults for Haskell, from wisdom gathered through years Haskell development.

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We regularly publish Haskell content on our blog, in which you will find technical gems and innovative ideas.

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Our Haskell Roots

Distributed Computing
Distributed Computing
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Biotech & Scientific
Biotech & Scientific
Fintech & Crypto
Fintech & Crypto

Why Haskell

Haskell produces programs which are maintainable, productive, and efficient.

Haskell excels on two fronts, type systems and declarative programs:

  • Strong, static typing lets us impose hard constraints on what code can and cannot do.
  • Declarative programs are high-level, can be reasoned with, and reproduced.

Practically speaking, Haskell has significant
usage in:

  • Front end web development
  • Back end web development
  • Concurrent and parallel programming
  • Cluster computing
  • Financial modeling
  • Scientific and biotech modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Parsers, compilers, type-checkers

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This site contains tutorials, library documentation, best practices, and recommendations on how to adopt Haskell at your company.


We recommend checking out our Learn Haskell education hub, containing links to content we believe is most helpful for those new to Haskell to start learning to create commercial Haskell software.

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Applied Haskell is our course for someone to move from knowing Haskell basics to being able to write commercial software, with enough knowledge to pick up any new skills needed on demand.

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