FP Complete

With Limited Project Time, FP Complete Delivered Rapid Results to Complex Problem for Leading Medical Data SaaS Vendor

FP Complete made a time-sensitive and crucial impact on a key component of our Client’s software stack due to our specialization in SaaS-specific technologies.

FP Complete’s Functional Programming experience and ability to quickly analyze complex problems enabled us to detect and fix the Client’s primary issue ahead of the project deadline.

A SaaS vendor specializing in the organization of medical records was facing a fast-approaching important deadline and needed immediate help. In addition, their in-house engineers struggled with various software components written in Haskell, involving many medical records that needed pre-processing. So, they called in engineering reinforcements from FP Complete to update their system and:

  • Improve their complicated import process;
  • Strengthen their existing Haskell codebase
  • Mentor and train the in-house engineering staff in more advanced Haskell techniques

Corporation Type

Medical Data Management Technology


Medical Data Management

Project Type

Import and processing of medical terminology frameworks

Business Issues

  • Client faced a vital deadline with a very tight timeframe
  • Client needed their Haskell code to process several million input records in seconds instead of hours.
  • Client needed their DevOps team to have more experience with Haskell for continuing maintenance and improvement of the software.

Project Outcome

From Hours to Seconds

The key to the project was switching from a linear lookup to an index. Once this was completed, processing runtime decreased from a whopping 25 hours to under 3 seconds.

Project Outcome

Code Improvement

Code improvement ensured the Client’s in-house DevOps team had the knowledge and insights to continue improving the code with 1:1 training delivered by our advanced team of expert engineers.

Project Outcome


We provided our Client with a proof-of-concept project outlining how the software might be redesigned to provide a more intuitive and better-functioning foundation for ongoing development. In addition, we trained and mentored the in-house engineering team and provided them with the necessary tools to continue the software’s upward trajectory toward long-term success.


Haskell Functional Programming

FP Complete’s Solution

  • Changed the import process to use an index instead of a linear lookup, and the runtime went from 25 hours to under 3 seconds.
  • Assisted with refactoring and general code cleanup, then coached and trained the in-house engineers via a series of video calls with screen sharing.
  • We wrote a small proof-of-concept project outlining how the software might be rearchitected to provide a more intuitive and performant foundation for ongoing development.


  • Gaining a rapid understanding of a new specialist field (medical ontologies).
  • Quickly writing a tool to automate code for increased efficiency.
  • Swiftly writing a tool to analyze performance degradation due to input size.
  • Rapidly enhancing training materials focused on avoiding certain mistakes and best practices to follow.

The Conclusion

Despite having little time to familiarize ourselves with the Client’s complex software codebase, FP Complete substantially impacted a vital component of the Client’s software stack. The data was imported and processed before the deadline, and the codebase was ready to handle imports with ease in the future. In addition, we mentored and trained the Client’s in-house engineers with the necessary skills to maintain and extend their code and strategies for writing efficient and unerring code.