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FP Complete is Turbocharging Fintech Trading & Fortifying Regulatory-Compliant Cloud Solutions!

We elevated Blockchain Excellence through transformative Next Gen Software Engineering and Platform Engineering Solutions for Top-Tier FinTech Trading Company on a limited budget!

Turning the Tide in FinTech: FP Complete’s Breakthrough Solutions Revitalize Trading Platforms & Unlock Multi-Million Dollar ROI!

Our Client, a Foundation providing innovative DeFi leveraged trading products, faced challenges in delivering production-ready perpetual futures and options trading platforms. Despite raising $5M for the project, deadlines were missed, and funds were rapidly depleting. FP Complete came to the rescue by offering: 
  • Intricate Code-Based Improvements for their trading applications;  
  • Engineering Support and Mentorship; and
  • Cutting Edge Cloud Infrastructure.

Corporation Type

Blockchain Product Provider



Project Type

Develop DeFi perpetual trading and options trading platform

Business Issues

  • Client needed to quickly deliver a production-ready perpetual trading and options trading platform.  
  • Client missed their deadlines, and their funds were rapidly depleting.
  • Client required help completing applications and establishing secure, regulation-compliant cloud infrastructure.

Project Outcome

Code Base Improvement Made All the Difference.

Reviewed and dramatically enhanced the code base for production and adaptability to various blockchain ecosystems without extensive code rewrites.

Project Outcome

Advanced Software Engineering & Mentoring Saved the Day.

Provided advanced software engineering guidance and mentored the Client’s new engineering team.

Project Outcome

Cloud Infrastructure to the Rescue.

Designed and built secure cloud infrastructure to support the application.


Rust, AWS, Cosmos, CosmWasm, React, TypeScript

FP Complete’s Solution

  • Expert Analysis: We pinpointed critical flaws in the application, leading to a re-envisioned architecture for enhanced speed and security.
  • Quick Deployment: The Client identified a short-term opportunity to capture immediate revenue to extend their cash flow. We developed and rolled out a GameFi product on the Terra/Luna blockchain within four weeks, securing community endorsement and generating revenue.
  • Massive ROI: Due to the success of the quick release of the GameFi product, the Client unveiled a more advanced version, amassing an impressive $10.6M in revenue, which became pivotal capital for the perpetual-swap project.
  • Perpetual-swap Integration: Stepped into the perpetual-swap project, advising a complete application rewrite to tackle security and performance challenges.
  • Swift Execution: In merely four months, finalized the revamped application ready for test net deployment, assuming full command of application architecture and development for the Foundation.
  • Chain Expansion: We deployed the perpetual-swap application into the Osmosis and SAI Network and are currently working with the Client to deploy to other blockchains.

The Conclusion

FP Complete significantly contributed to the Foundation’s critical application launch. They delivered three products in under a year that cost less than $1M. This quick resolution contrasted the Client’s expenditure of over $3M and 20 months on the perpetual-swap application without producing production-ready code—the GameFi product generated over $12M, covering costs and illustrating FP Complete’s impact.