Blockchain & Smart Contracts

FP Complete is an industry authority on Blockchain Architecture and Smart Contracts. Our roots in advanced programming in regulated industries gives us an edge in understanding the technical complexities inherent within blockchain and smart contracts.

A complete solution

A number of companies are looking to implement blockchain to solve their distributed transaction business problems. The technical intricacies and operational overhead involved in creating, configuring, and operating a blockchain and maintaining its infrastructure often create a barrier for many of them. However, independent of application – financial, supply chain, healthcare, digital assets, or decentralized identity – FP Complete can help you and your team architect and implement the solution, and avoid security and implementation pitfalls. If you need assistance with a Blockchain application or need Blockchain Certification, let us be your partner with these commercial and cutting-edge technologies.

We specialize in:

  • Crypto/Blockchain Code Audits;
  • Help Clients Understand options & 3rd party packages
  • Architect solutions;
  • Build Blockchain; and
  • Build Blockchain-related Applications.

Set up an engineering consultation

Hedera Hashgraph is a cutting-edge public decentralized ledger, so when it came to getting a third-party audit of the code, it was essential to work with independent experts comfortable with sophisticated and decentralized technologies. The FP Complete audit team was highly professional and responsive, providing detailed feedback, covering granular code specifics as well as higher-level design alternatives to help improve our codebase.
Nosh Mody

VP of Engineering, Hedera Hashgraph