FP Complete

Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company needs immediate help creating a Fast, Scalable, and Secure Application Deployment Infrastructure.

FP Complete helps telecommunications giant deliver applications efficiently and securely by leveraging best practice container orchestration and open source technologies.

Fast, Scalable and Secure Application Deployment Infrastructure

Our Fortune 100 telecommunications client needed to deploy Kubernetes and wanted to use DevSecOps principles to do it. The company had recently acquired a start-up telecommunications company, and they were having trouble bridging the technology gap between them.

Our client needed fast, scalable, and secure deployments of new applications, using container orchestration technology that integrated with existing toolsets and environments. Specifically, they wanted us to:

  • Create Kubernetes clusters that are secure and scalable in five different VPC environments.
  • Support Kafka Connect developers with managing Kubernetes clusters.
  • Integrate and streamline the new workflow operations with the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Implement a centralized metrics and logging solution that fused seamlessly with Kubernetes clusters.

Corporation Type




Project Type

Implement container orchestration

Business Issues

  • Client needed to deliver updates and new features quickly to their customers
  • Client needed to ensure HIPAA compliance for their customers
  • Client needed to deploy fast, scalable, reliable, secure and compliant applications into the cloud

Project Outcome

Created more efficient CI/CD workflows

Our solution allowed for seamless integration with CI/CD workflows, allowing containerized applications to be created from code to production. Automating repetitive tasks with these tools has enabled our client’s DevOps teams to deploy apps more rapidly, leading to faster deployment and release cycles, increased customer satisfaction, and a faster ROI for the client.

Project Outcome

Provided improved security and resilience

Role-based access control and Amazon Web Services protocols have implemented improved security measures. With Terraform managing AWS resources and Amazon EKS overseeing Kubernetes control, the client gained enhanced visibility into container health and vulnerability detection across all hosts. Container orchestration tools have provided simplified operations and faster error recovery, boosting infrastructure resilience.

Project Outcome

A more powerful metrics and logging solution

By deploying the DataDog agent, our client’s IT/DevOps teams have gained a powerful tool for monitoring and visualizing their infrastructure. This has allowed them to quickly identify and address issues before they become significant problems, improving their operations’ overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, Terraform, Amazon EKS

FP Complete’s Solution

  • Used Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) to manage Kubernetes control plane
  • Used Terraform to manage AWS resources (VPCs, EKS clusters, EKS worker groups, etc.)
  • Deployed DataDog agent to stream logs and metrics to existing DataDog instance.
  • Provided documentation and walkthroughs to hand management of the solution over to customer’s operations staff.
  • Made an overall modularization of the code to easily reuse and deploy the same code base to the three different environments


  • Getting the proper infrastructure in place in both on-premise and cloud environments
  • Integrating a unique set of existing tools with the necessary Kubernetes add-ons to meet all of the client’s needs

The Conclusion

The FP Complete Team used their long-time experience with cloud and container orchestration technologies to put the customer on a solid, modern footing to deliver applications efficiently and securely by leveraging cloud and open-source technologies while integrating with their existing environment