FP Complete

Client Trying to Improve Time to Market with their Application Features

FP Complete helps connected health organization migrate and improve system infrastructure.

FP Complete migrates critical services system to a new, modern infrastructure

A connected health company migrated their web services to AWS to support their life-critical monitoring system, which leveraged a complex cellphone/telecommunication setup.

Unfortunately, their initial solution for long-term AWS deployment didn’t meet their needs. They were finding it difficult to maintain the system and deploy new updates — costing them time and money. So, they called in reinforcements from FP Complete to update their system and:

  • Shorten release cycles
  • Improve application deployments for their web services
  • Make scaling easier to meet user demand
  • Create more reliable software builds to deploy, test, and optionally roll back

Corporation Type

Connected Health


Cellular health and safety products and wireless services

Project Type

Infrastructure migration and improvement

Business Issues

  • Client needed to deliver updates and new features quickly to their customers
  • Client needed to ensure HIPAA compliance for their customers
  • Client needed to deploy fast, scalable, reliable, secure and compliant applications into the cloud

Project Outcome

Migrated the Current AWS Setup to an Improved Infrastructure

Created a new infrastructure using Terraform which allowed the customer to absorb new demand peaks, maintain multi-version parallel deployments, test and switch software versions at will, all while acheiving new levels of scale.

Project Outcome

Educated and Implemented DevSecOps Best Practices

Introduced modern DevSecOps tools, such as Packer, to enable high efficiency long-term tooling support. Provided advanced DevSecOps training with a focus on state-of-the-art best practices.

Project Outcome

Integrated with Existing Systems and Tools

Ensured interoperability between new infrastructure footprint and existing tools.


AWS, Terraform, Packer, Puppet, CentOS, Windows Server 2019, MQTT

FP Complete’s Solution

  • Created new AWS infrastructure footprint using FP Complete own in house Terraform templates.
  • Ensured customer awareness and satisfaction of new AWS environments via tight technical alignment, communication and education with DevOps teams.
  • Provided Terraform specific training to ensure customer comfort and proficiency.
  • Designed and implemented new Blue/Green application deployment system to facilitate seamless switching between deployment builds and with legacy AWS environments.
  • Ensured interoperability of newly merged new infrastructure with existing in-use tools like Puppet, used for server instance management.
  • Assisted in setting up adherence to new network standards such as VPCs, Transit Gateways, WAF and DNS changes due to a merger that happened simultaneously during this DevOps infrastructure project.
  • Codified corporate standards into declarative infrastructure ensuring future modification efficiency.
  • Worked closely with the customer’s network operations team to ensure the new systems VPCs and Transit Gateway Networks aligned with the network setup the customer was using across their corporate network. This network setup was integrated and set up to work smoothly with the customer’s corporate WAF and DNS.
  • Introduced and implemented modern DevSecOps tools like Packer, which enabled the customer to pre-build server images ahead of deployments. This allowed them to reduce the time needed to initialize and set up new servers, improving turnaround on new deployments.


  • Migrating, maintaining and gaining contextual knowledge from the in-house team on the vital aspects of the existing legacy system while designing and establishing new platforms for modernization
  • Avoiding common pitfalls that occur during implementation
  • Coordinating with the client to shift the existing system over from legacy setup while consistently delivering the best implementation

The Conclusion

FP Complete paired their specialized approach with expert technical know-how to work with this company’s in-house team. Together, they defined, designed, and implemented a new and modern infrastructure to run the organization’s life-critical systems on AWS. All this was done while successfully maintaining and migrating their legacy system throughout the process.

We integrated new DevSecOps tools without disrupting existing ones they needed to support and run the platform across multiple deployments. This culminated in a successful all-hands migration of the legacy production system to the new production environment, with a modern, maintainable infrastructure setup.