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FP Complete is a boutique development firm run by software and cloud-computing experts. We engineer FDA-certifiable devices built entirely of software, as well as non-regulated devices for modeling, simulation/prediction, data gathering, data analysis, and machine-assisted decision making -- on the cloud, in your laboratory network, and interacting with online records and connected devices.

Led by veterans and innovators from Microsoft, Intel, Google, and several PhD programs and prominent open-source projects, we operate innovation and engineering teams out of North America and Western Europe.

Our 20+ engineering and quality staff design and build devices with powerful new features ranging from data aggregation and understanding, to high-performance simulation, to online portals for practitioners and consumers/patients.

This exceptionally well-qualified group of engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and operators use latest-generation techniques such as multicore and distributed functional programming, distributed team management, and advanced cloud devops and containerization, to get you new IT capabilities with fast time-to-market and immediate high capacity.

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Technical Activities

We develop and scale up proprietary, extensible applications. When yesterday’s IT isn’t enough -- when you are building novel capabilities from your data, and need better, more powerful, and more reliable software and analytics to reach market scale faster -- FP Complete is here to help with experienced experts, powerful technology, and cooperative engineering services. Our top focus is working with complex data and highly customized, scalable, math-driven analysis.

  • Software device development: regulated and unregulated complete online systems and software modules
  • Data: merging, cleansing, proprietary analysis, applied mathematics & modeling
  • Software enhancements: modular extensions, radical performance enhancement, scalability
  • Devops: cloud management, solution deployment, high-performance computing (HPC)
  • Mentoring: knowledge transfer for your software and technical professionals

Industry Focus

FP Complete helps sophisticated companies develop cutting-edge software devices. We serve these industries:

  • Life Sciences, Biotech, & Personalized Medicine
  • Internet, Mobile, & IOT
  • Finance & Investing
  • Software Engineering & IT Development

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